Your greatest victory in any war comes after a series of battles.

11119120_10153298773964936_7592946569331731179_oYour greatest victory in any war comes after a series of battles. We think of wars as if they are decided by one battle. The Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW I and WW II were decided after a long period of multiple campaigns.

A “campaign” is a series of battles. You can lose a battle and still win the campaign. A campaign is a phase of a war involving a series of operations aimed towards a single, specific, and strategic objective in the war. Often it involves the occupation of a strategic location or the destruction of an opposing force. It could be the annihilation of a demonic stronghold and/or the occupation of that area with a godly use.

A campaign may include a single battle, but more often it comprises a number of battles over a period of time. A campaign may last only a few weeks, but usually lasts several months or even over a year.

Suppose you are dealing with a long standing issue in your blood line? The iniquities of generations past still seeks to influence the patterns of thought and feeling and circumstance in your life. You may not be thinking about it now, but you may be in a battle that has historically defeated your lineage and you are now the lion – the deliverer – who will change that!

God may be bringing you to some “altars” that “alter” you. Some battles where things didn’t go perfect, only to be followed by another where the objective is won.

Remember this – you war with a CAMPAIGN mentality, not a BATTLE mentality. Expect more than one battle in this. Great Generals never define tomorrow by today. At the battle of Shiloh, the bloodiest of the war till that point, Sherman encountered Grant under a tree, sheltering himself from the pouring rain. He was smoking one of his cigars while considering his terrible first day losses and planning for the next day. Sherman remarked, “Well, Grant, we’ve had the devil’s own day, haven’t we?” Grant looked up, “Yes” he replied, followed by a puff. “Yes. Lick ’em tomorrow, though.” And they did.

If you take ground from the enemy – expect him to try to take it back. If you have a setback, expect a rematch. Jesus called you and me to OCCUPY till He comes. This word means “don’t yield an inch.” Remember, even in the face of battle, the kingdom of God is always ADVANCING in your life and mine. So, we ARE expanding our occupied territory!

Keep it real. Keep it honest. You can lose it one day – yet still win the campaign and after a few campaigns – you’ve won a war!

– Lance


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