YOU are a leader!

10152995_10152401986844936_7780005120424365422_nYou may not know it but YOU are a leader!

DL Moody made it his mission to answer a challenge he heard while just a young shoe salesman: “The world has yet to see what God can do through a man who is fully devoted to Him.” He went on to being the most dangerous shoe salesman in Boston…and a revivalist.

Time and again, heaven takes hold of the earnest underdog who is pressing on to be the best he or she can be. Did you know Joyce Meyers started out as a church secretary? I told you D.L. MOODY was a shoe salesman. Wigglesworth, a plummer.

Often, such ones become promoted over those with greater gifting. God sees something in them. They are becoming His Word made flesh. They get it into their heart and mind. When that happens, you become explosive. Don't neglect the building up of your mind and inner man. Now, more than ever, we need leaders that:

1.) are lovers in their quest for Jesus, worship intimately (bridal)

2. warriors in their unwavering courage to dismantle the gates of hell. By this I mean they know how to pray strong.

3) know how to be Statesman and what battles to fight. They know when and how to speak! When they speak, they do so with arguments of the spirit that the enemy cannot stop.


Here are Rick Renner's thoughts….
THE BIBLE IS FULL OF PEOPLE… no different than you or I… who heard a word from God, responded in faith, came into divine alignment with what God said, and ultimately saw His word to them fulfilled in their lives. And because of these people’s commitment to believe and to possess what God had promised, they changed history! — RICK RENNER

I believe as you become true to the voice inside you, YOU will lead the school! (fish or people)

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