“Supernatural Wi-Fi” Technology!

Wi-FiLately I had to use my iPhone as a “hot spot” to work my computer and connect with a global conversation.

Think about your spiritual technology. Before there was a “smartphone” there was God speaking to the spirit of man by the activity of His Holy Spirit.

Lets see this in the experience of a first century disciple named Ananias in Acts 9.

Acts 9:10: “While meditating in Damascus the Lord called to Ananias in a vision, 


‘Yes, Lord,'

The Lord told him, ‘Go to the house of Judas on Straight Street and ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul, for he is praying and IN A VISION he has seen,'” – I love this tense, “he HAS seen”“‘he's seen a man named Ananias come and place his hands on him to restore his sight.'”

God works from the future backwards, it seems. I wouldn’t do things this way; I would go to Ananias first and I would say; “Now listen, I’ve got an assignment for you, it’s a little weird but I want you to go to this notorious religious terrorist named Saul. You know him. He's the guy you are avoiding. He needs to meet with you and you need to pray for him.”

I love this idea…. Ananias is exercising spiritual senses. The word in Greek for “spirit” is “pneuma”… this kind of supernatural communication is what your spirit man is designed for. It’s something I call “pneuma-wifi” and when you enter God's presence you enter a “Pneuma WIFI zone”; the place where you’re praying and you start seeing, hearing and sensing things going on in heaven that God wants to manifest on earth. 

I really believe that we enter into this zone a lot but don’t realize it. It comes in images, sounds, hunches, feelings, things we smell but don’t stop to observe.

What’s beautiful about this verse in the book of Acts is that God has ALREADY GONE to Saul and given him a VISION in ADVANCE of a meeting with Ananias. Saul is seeing the future. Probably what a “Word of Wisdom” actually is, as opposed to a vision experience operating out of a gift of “Prophecy.” One sees the future, before it happens (like Branham had operating.) The other sees an image of things and symbols that are prophetic possibilities. 

God operates in all realms, past, present and future. 

God basically put Ananias’ face into the future, then went into the present and told Ananias how to catch up to where his face is. In a true sense, prophecy is a sort of time travel where you get a glimpse of what God wants to do. Now this kind of visionary connection requires that you be in the right spiritual state. That’s why the ‘worship move' and ‘soaking' activity are so prevalent nowadays. 

We are going back to our core “WI-FI” technology! 

When I talk about “state” I am talking about entering the realm where the LOVE of Jesus, the JOY of the Lord, and the PEACE of God becomes our dominant spiritual and emotional state. That’s the Kingdom of God – an ALTERED STATE! The very thing the American pharmaceutical industry makes 10 Billion a year producing! 

If you are a believer – “everything you need is within you now.” And do you know why? Because you’ve got the Holy Spirit; if you have the Holy Spirit you have access to everything you need. And there’s no such thing as a little Holy Spirit, big Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit level one, Holy Spirit level 2. I used to teach about an End Time outpouring like there’s a Holy Spirit that’s going to come down from above but the truth is…. He’s already here in each one of us. The outpouring isn’t God pouring out from Heaven to Earth. The Holy Spirit is already here; it’s pouring out THROUGH US. The outpouring is through His people, not through the cumulus third heaven clouds above us. 

Ananias and Saul had a visionary connection. Saul saw the future and Ananias heard a voice regarding divine direction. They had a Pneuma-WIFI connection with God. 


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