Life is a Journey!

Midnight WATCH! Your journey in fulfilling prophecy…

SuccessI heard an interesting quote from Henry Blackaby at Pinnacle Forum in Scottsdale this weekend and wanted to pass it on… 

When God says: “I will make your name great” what He means is that He is going to do a work in your life that will shape and expand your character to match a great assignment.

“I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I WILL MAKE YOUR NAME GREAT, and you will be a blessing.”
Gen 12:2

The journey of personal prophecy and prophetic fulfillment is fascinating. You would think it was a straight line from start to finish, but God walks with us through a labyrinth of our choices, some good, some bad but all worked together for the good of those that love God and stay faithful to His purpose. 

At 75, Abraham heard the call to leave his country, his father’s house and his relatives. In response he took off with father, family and relatives…some 70 people. Not exactly a strong step of faith. 

Because of all the added responsibility, he had a problem when famine hit the land.

He sojourned into Egypt and entered a city where, for fear of being killed, he made believe his wife was his sister. When his wife was added to Pharaoh’s harem it took an act of God’s intervention to deliver him and Sarah. 

The mix of extra people included his nephew, Lot. Lot’s herdsmen ended up in strife with Abraham’s herdsmen so they separated. This lead to a battle to deliver his nephew when he was taken captive. Abraham, fearing for his life after going to war against stronger enemies, was given assurance that God was going to protect him.

Once he was settled down, the delay in providing a son prompted his wife to work out a solution through her handmaiden Hagar. Abraham went along with the erroneous plan. For 13 years, Abraham was convinced Ishmael was the answer to his prayer for an heir, only to find out he’d made a mistake. When Isaac arrived, the Patriarch had to face the gut-wrenching experience of sending Hagar and Ishmael off on their own.

In the end, Abraham made the courageous choice to believe fully in God’s promise, even if he had to sacrifice his only son Isaac. This is the crowning moment in the great man’s life and from this crisis of faith he opened a pathway for the redemption of mankind. 

God fulfilled His promise to make Abraham’s name great and he became the father of all of us who walk in the footsteps of our father Abraham.

But now that you know the footsteps, your own journey may be making more sense. 

Can you relate to your spiritual ancestry?

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