Force Multiplying


Blade“Force Multiplying” is using every blade and tool in the kit God gave you.

1. What's a “force multiplier”? The Department of Defense defines it as “A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment.” 

2. In combat, the navy, air force, army and marines will bring all their resources: Apache helicopters, cluster bombs, laser guided missiles, grenades, tanks, artillery and every type of ordinance to combined focus on a target BEFORE people come on the scene to engage the enemy. Produces “shock and awe.” It’s the process of dominating your enemy, in military terms. 

The first force multiplier is obvious: fervent prayer with fasting. But if you don't know what to pray, praying strongly in the spirit is the key.

Success often releases a deep, settled sense that God has heard your prayer. From then on, it's the battle to stay in peace and in faith. You surround yourself with the right people, worship and the Word in that multiplier stage. 

The STRONGEST prayer force multiplier is a spouse in total agreement.

Supernatural Force Multiplier? 

It is the combination of many pieces coming together that enables you to penetrate the high places of your profession. 

Three Laws of Supernatural Force Multiplication

1. “Spirit”__CONTROLS__ matter. All “things” were created by the Spirit through the “Word” spoken and are under the authority of the Spirit. So SPEAK OUT BOLDLY what you are wanting to authorize to show up. 

2. Lesser AUTHORITY must yield to greater AUTHORITY. Whatever the resistance, if God is behind you, the resistance FROM LESSER demons must yield.

3. Agreement __MULTIPLIES_ capacity. Get others praying with you – in agreement. This is what broke Peter out of prison.

OTHER “Force Multipliers”

BEING ON A DIVINE ASSIGNMENT — If God put you into this situation, you have extra grace working for you. God put Paul on a ship for Rome and it almost sank. He saved it.

Uncommon FAVOR — the “attraction factor” that draws what you need towards you to get it done. Nehemiah re-armed his defeated city by rebuilding its defenses at the victor's expense. 

EXCELLENT Spirit (Yatteer) — combining your unique skill with the anointing so that you stand out,

Angels on assignment — understanding the operation of angelic forces in setting up divine appointments and intervention against your enemies. 
Feeling a “burden” to pray or travail ( a rare gift nowadays) and the power of the Unknown Tongue — praying out the mysteries that need to be addressed in your life. Spirit prayers are never in your language and thus 100% accurate and always answered. This prayer in the spirit builds an edifice ON THE INSIDE OF YOU to house a revelation of a missing piece. Comes with a word of knowledge, prophecy or teaching and is possible to interpret in English or your language if you are schooled in its power.

UNCOMMON UTTERANCE — it is the power of a prophetic proclamation! Speaking forth and legislating an aspect of the reality you have faith to create. Speaking as an “oracle of God” in public to “fix an impression” that cannot be shaken. It is also a Stephen-type gift to have your mouth filled with wisdom your enemies cannot resist.

Tithes and Offerings — SPIRITUAL MONEY is a huge spiritual force: comprehending the difference between mammon and money and knowing different categories of giving, including giving to the poor, set you up for supernatural intervention. Your money goes into the future to break open a path for your advance. God rebukes the devourer of your harvest when you are faithful with His portion.

These 8 elements are part of “Doing Business Supernaturally.” I will make sure you get access to the MP3s. We have launched MILLIONAIRES off of these supernatural sessions. 

Favor and Wisdom are a multiplier. Joseph and Daniel were described as having those qualities. 

I would add the most unusual weapon – Rest. Soaking and settling into a place of peace with the Word washing over your soul causes you to exasperate your enemies. If others go to war for you, you can sleep till God moves. Daniel did this in Babylon as he relaxed into visions on the night of his near-extermination as his buddies prayed. Peter did this while others prayed – the angel had to hit him hard to get him up!

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  1. Dear Lance,
    I love your teachings. Thank you for whatever price you may have paid to access them. I would love to learn more about multiplication, if the mp3 links are still available.