Whistleblower or leaker?

Well, what do you know?
Former CIA swamp dweller Brennan is behind this. He is calling all the saboteurs to whistleblow right now and derail the President from within.
I say let the wind blow! May God take note of their threats and cause these conspirators to fall into the very pit they have dug for others.
And maybe, just maybe there are some patriots embedded in the Intelligence Community, and they can tell us a thing or two.

Source: There Is No Whistleblower, Just a Leaker! We’re in the Midst of a Cold Civil War | Rush Limbaugh

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3 thoughts on “Whistleblower or leaker?

  1. personally, I don’t think there’s even a real ‘leaker’… it’s just all MADE UP just like the fake steel dossier! Praying every day for our wonderful President Trump to just keep his eyes/mind on God and not let these rotten demonRats/Rino’s get under his skin — or that of his precious family! I just keep thinking of our wonderful prophet = Kim Clement = who started prophesying back on 2003/04/05 or so about a Trump presidency and how the demonRats/rino’s would just keep on yelling ‘impeach!!!!’ ….. but GOD says NO… he will not be impeached and will serve 2 full terms as president… and the demonRat party will be NO MORE after all this crap is over with! ….I just hope I live long enough to see these horrible people behind bars in gitmo — and even HUNG for their acts of treason!!! God, please help us to keep patient throughout all this!

  2. I’m so glad I found you! I’ve been feeling so alone in what I’ve been seeing on tv & also watching the change on FOX. Also where are the churches today? You’re right in stating that they’re living in fear! I know I’ve been called to intercede, but it’s breaking my heart as to what Trump is going through. I feel like I want to do more for him!

  3. I pray that the swamp creatures will confuse themselves, fight among each other and destroy themselves. The word of God says touch not my anointed. As God as elected President Trump to intercept the plan of the enemy for this country, I continue to pray for divine protection for our president, his family an his divine physical helpers. May the east wind of God bring vengeance to all those harassing him and obstructing his work.