Let’s Press The Issue!

Why is FOX opening its arms to the Left? Because the boys who own the company are left-leaning. That’s why former Attorney General Eric Holder told Fox News on Tuesday that current Attorney General Bill Barr “is paying the price” and sacrificing his credibility by spearheading U.S. Attorney John Durham’s ongoing probe into possible misconduct by the intelligence community at the outset.

In other words, Durham and Barr are going to expose the deep state in their reports, and the spirits which are ruling the democratic council chambers, are freaking out because their work will be exposed. Therefore they MUST get rid of Barr and Durham by getting rid of Trump NOW.

It will fail if we press this issue like Daniel presses for a breakthrough in Daniel Chapter 9.

Source: Rep. Ratcliffe: Democrats Trying to ‘Undo One Election and…Influence the Next One’ | CNS News

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One thought on “Let’s Press The Issue!

  1. Hey Lance,

    I’m a born again Christian, and you have been such an inspiration to me since before the Presidential election in 2016. I have enjoyed your Facebook videos so much, and to me you are a special Saint in the Kingdom! But, at the same time I have also been inspired and have learned a tremendous amount in my walk with God through the website gotquestions.org. Well, recently I stumbled on a compilation they actually did on the 7 mountains and they directly named you. I was stunned and hurt by what they had to say about you, and I wondered if you were aware of this organization. I know this may sound crazy, but I was thinking that maybe if you reached out to them it would give you the opportunity to allow them to know you and your beautiful heart. Just thought I should share what God put on my heart.