What’s About To Get Restored?

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What’s About To Get Restored?

Want a whole new zeal for reading the Bible? Read it knowing that animals, trees, other objects are symbolic language for specific types of people and certain nations. Get the code language and it’s a new book.

For instance, when 1 Kings 5:6 talks about “cutting down the cedars in Lebanon” it is talking about killing off tribes of Israel.

When Moses told Israel “not to muzzle the ox” while treading grain…(as well as a hundred other ‘glaze over the eyes’ detailed laws for Israel) he was talking in symbolic code language! It all gets a fresh touch on it when you see this.

Paul later told the Corinthians: “Hey – you really think God was talking through Moses about animals?” Those teachings were symbolic. The Oxen were God’s laborers- especially the Levites who taught! He was saying “Look. Your Pastors and Teachers are underpaid. Stop being a knucklehead. You’re prospering from their revelation, start sowing back from your increase!”

….”For it is written in the law of Moses, “Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain.” God is not concerned here about oxen, is he?” (1 Cor 9:9)

Hey, here is a really neat one I heard today.
If a man (or thief) shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and kill it, or sell it; he shall restore five oxen for an ox, and four sheep for a sheep. … (Exodus 22;1)

The “ox” is connected to business. It is the symbol of the means of productivity for a believer. It represents his money and key employees and contracts. Oxen = business wealth! If the devil stole from you, THIS is the time in your life you can require five times (5X) that amount back!

“Sheep?” They are people, relationships, friends. Have you lost them? How about some of you ministers and Pastors? Any slick willie come by and steal your sheep? Take them AND their kids and their support? Ouch! I’ve had it happen. Pastoring was the hardest, most under-compensated labor of my life.

I’m probably writing this ’cause I wrote a hard word yesterday about ministries that always shake down people for money. The other side of that is, most people neglect the hard working Shepherds but give impulsively to the razzle dazzle ministries that capture their attention with supernatural sizzle. If you don’t have a church that feeds you – find one. If it does, it should get your “first fruits” – not the guy with the sizzling impartation.

So Pastor and all other genuine people lovers – if you lost sheep in the past, Satan is going to pay you back fourfold. Call em in! 4 X as many are on their way.

I love giving money and product and gifts and time to good people who don’t expect it. And I love genuine Shepherds of Sheep who keep soldiering on in spite of losses. I am asking God for such levels of increase that I am an offense, a near obscenity to people who hate prosperity and preaching on how to increase and take territory. I want MILLIONS so I can IMPACT MILLIONS…and go gather sheep into arms of good shepherds. I want to surprise multitudes of deserving but overlooked people, with provision, cars, tuitions, jobs, food… you get the idea.

I just keep getting this feeling that God’s about to shake up the planet – and it’s for the increase of HIS GOVERNMENT!

Much love.

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