2014 Prophetic Strategy (please read)

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Dear Friends,


I just uploaded this new  message for you 🙂


You will find a prophetic key for 2014…the year of the open “DOOR.”




For the first time ever, I made a webinar explaining in detail the coaching tools and secrets I’ve applied with penetrating and powerful effect for over a decade!


It’s the perfect message for 2014. I share step by step how to fly above the chaos (that other people get stuck in) and show you my stealth secret Jet….my Destiny Dashboard!  


This is a tool that compiles my top 20 time tested instruments that “wow” audiences and clients.


These Dashboard instruments have all been hidden inside the vault of my trusty “Destiny By Design Manual.” (A manual I took off the market years ago because it was too valuable to sell.)


Now, for the first time I am releasing these secret treasureswith detailed explanation, for your use.


Why now?  


Because this week I discovered how to use the technology that enables me to teach my material the way I want to teach it

– LIVE – (as you see on this webinar)


This webinar will show you how to…


1. Accelerate your own personal transformation – applying the ideas to coach yourself through to massive breakthrough in 2014.


2. Apply my methodology and key ideas to learn how to BUILD your own SIX FIGURE coaching, training and consulting practice.


In this special webinar I take you behind the scenes to where I organize my key insight’s, application’s and idea’s.


You get to look over my shoulder and hear exactly how I use these processes with my high end $500/hr to $1000/hr coaching clients!


I love this DASHBOARD, the DESTINY MANUAL and the INTERNET TECHNOLOGY (where I get to use a Virtual Whiteboard 🙂 This new webinar format is a fun, fast paced, powerful way to get my BEST training delivered straight to you.


AND I love that I can deliver this 45 minutes of unedited training FOR FREE!     


I made this “Prophetic Strategy” webinar just for you.



( the link is active for only a few days.)


I explain why in the webinar……


Basically,  I am gathering a special small “Beta Group” of trainers and consultants who want to do what I do…. and because of the offer I make in this webinar, that group will fill up quickly.


I want to raise up an Army of highly paid and powerfully trained 7 Mountain Coaches and Consultants who are out to change the world!


I will train you on how to build your own business and use my Dashboard and other proprietary technology and materials. This insider training is going to start within TWO weeks. I want you to hit the ground running in 2014.


This link is LIVE now for you to watch


Grab a pen and paper- the next 45 minutes is gonna plaster your hair back with powerful content.


This will be your BEST Year yet.




Lance & Annabelle

and the team at Lance Learning


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