What Is A Theocracy, Really?

Definition of theocracy in English:


Pronunciation /THēˈäkrəsē/ /θiˈɑkrəsi/

NOUN (pl. theocracies)

A system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.
‘his ambition is to lead a worldwide theocracy’
‘it is a society just emerging from theocracy’

the Theocracy – The commonwealth of Israel from the time of Moses until the election of Saul as king.
‘Israel, in the days of the Theocracy, lacked a capital city.’
‘In the Old Testament, God’s purpose was fulfilled through Israel and the Theocracy.’

Theocracy, government by divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided. In many theocracies, government leaders are members of the clergy, and the state’s legal system is based on religious law. … Contemporary examples of theocracies include Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Vatican.

So how does that pertain to anything we’re facing today?

About 2 years ago, I recorded a video with some prophetic views about what was happening with President Trump and his dealings with the military, North Korea, and other news, including his decision then to appoint a bonafide military leader as his chief of staff.

“Let’s face it:  if any truly Christian candidate had tried rolling back the military’s transgender policy, their adversaries would have sent up a cry about how theocracy and religion are interfering with the advance of civil rights. The ironic thing is that not even Trump’s enemies can accuse him of being a “godly” man – but we know differently. He is the PERFECT Trump card for what he is being used to accomplish.”


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6 thoughts on “What Is A Theocracy, Really?

  1. Lance,
    In light of your post regarding theocracy and with the knowledge that theocracy can have a cohesion of values, even though ‘all’ theocratic governments don’t. America may not be a theocracy but we are in desperate need of national awakening. I want you to know Lance Wallnau, that after watching your youtube interview broadcast with Mario Murillo posted on April 6,2020, the 2 of you together have a profound ability in Christ’s anointing to cohesively join together to bring about a national revival of repentance to America. Now having revealed that here is what I’ve done.
    I already contacted Mario Murillo via email and showed him the letter that I’ve sent to the President at the White House regarding the 2 of you. Because I am assured in Christ Jesus Spirit, that the both of you should be brought to the White House to conference with PR-Trump, one on one and then hold a public TV broadcast, much as Billy Graham used to do, with the President by your sides. To conduct a national prayer for repentance to ward revival for this nation, directed by the Holy Spirit through both you and Mario. With the President standing by your sides showing his support in this matter.
    This I’ve written to the President about and for any further info on it please contact Mario Murillo and his Team as I have already sent to them the actual communications that I sent to the White House correspondence team. It is going to take a few good men such as yourselves, who are not afraid of the aversion to the truth that is running amuck in this nation of ours today. The timing of this COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing panic, is the perfect timing for this nation to be asking the right questions about why we’re here now and what we actually need to stop the storm.

    • Well done Carolina!

      It looks like it is also going to take a ‘few good women’ as previously so in history, to get things rolling, and move God’s Providence forward.

      This is the movement of the Holy Spirit that seeks to unite and bring people together.

      “How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not”! Lk 13:34

      Now we must!

  2. The original video accompanying this article, ‘Trump Takes aim at North Korea…’ https://lancewallnau.com/trump-takes-aim-at-north-korea-with-generals-appointment/
    is very important and explains what Christians should be doing as God’s representatives on earth.

    “Thy Will be done, Thy Kingdom come ‘on earth’ as it is in Heaven” Mt 6:10

    Jesus came to set up an earthly Kingdom, he spoke continually about God’s Kingdom and how we should love God and one another. It was prophesied that he would be a King.

    Is 9:6 “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government will be upon his shoulder,
    and his name will be called “Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

    Luke 1:32 “He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David. 33 And He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of ‘His kingdom’ there will be no end.”

    Israel was a Kingdom preceding Christ’s coming. They didn’t worry about separation of church and state. When Christ returns he will substantially establish God’s Kingdom ‘on earth’ as in the Lord’s prayer.

    America was founded as a Christian nation to be the landing strip for the Second Coming and the location for God’s Kingdom to be established and multiplied from.

    However America must prepare herself from the individual level to the national level, meaning governance, to welcome the Messiah as the bride welcomes her bridegroom, and she certainly doesn’t sully herself whilst waiting in the meantime. Ezekiel 16. She prepares herself for her groom.

    America has not done that but has played the harlot, and like a drunkard has lost her bearings and the ability to discern a potato from a carrot.

    As the Jews built the temple in preparation for Christ as a prerequisite for his coming, America must be also preparing her national level temple which is God’s ‘housing project’ in preparation for the Messiah, because otherwise like the Jewish people, Christians will not know the time of their visitation.

    That ‘housing project’ intrinsically means government, and in a democracy unlike a monarchy, we currently get to choose our leaders, so if you are abstaining from the political process, then you may not, will not, get Godly men and women governing you, and even a servant looks for a good master.

    Please note: Lk 12:35-48, Lk 19:11-27

    You can’t go out and give a great piano concert, having not prepared or practised for years. Preparation is everything.

    Christians must be involved in civics and government, so that your nation is a Godly nation prepared to welcome God at all times, and the Second Coming as well.

    Do you want to spend time on the streets of Los Angeles walking amongst human faeces, needles and people lost to drugs and sexual depravity. Is that what you want to invite God to, and Christ at his Second Coming. What did God do to Sodom and Gomorrah?

    Just believing in Christ but not preparing for him, is like those virgins who didn’t put oil in their lamps, you will miss the time of your visitation, as “he comes like a thief in the night without signs to be observed”.

    Christians must take responsibility as ‘good and faithful servants’ to prepare and resurrect their nation in preparation for Christ’s return. That is our responsibility. That is why if we don’t do so, Jesus will say to us:

    Mt 7:21 “Not every one who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers.’ – (You were not seeking my Father’s kingdom and governance first).

    I also agree with what Carolina Clemens stated in her comment above.

  3. I like what you said about Trump. He is in office because GOD, THE LORD put him there. THE LORD loves America but hates the direction the past
    presidents have been leading. 1. God loves the children and hates abortion.
    2. There is a commandment to ‘Remember the sabbath day and keep it Holy’. More people are cheering for sports teams on Sunday than for THE LORD, He is a jealous God. 3. Homosexuality is a sin, not just wrong but an abomination to THE LORD. These three issues are why TRUMP is in office. I tell people if your against Trump, your against GODS PLAN, bad place to be.

  4. Reading a book by Kenneth Copeland Publications: “John G. Lake-His Life,His Sermons-His Boldness of Faith” ISBN 978-0-88114-962-3. Starting at Chapter 31-The Power of Divine Healing, he relates while in South Africa ‘in a single night a fever epidemic struck the country for three hundred and fifty miles’. One forth of the population in that part of the country died. A man was appointed by God to pray. For days he prayed and one day he asked Mr. Lake for assistance in his prayer. Result was a powerful move of the Spirit which resulted in demonic activity cast out. The next morning the epidemic of fever was gone. He states: in capital letters, ‘the power of the Spirit and faith results in a divine explosion—Faith and God United is Divine Healing’. I searched the titles before starting at the beginning and immediately went to chapters 30 and 31 “Results of Believing Prayer and The Power of Divine Healing”. The World is due for a Faith and God Divine Explosion. Citizens unite.

  5. You need to hear what Tom Walker has to say on this prayer call, CA GOV Prayer Call from Monday morning. Tom Walker of Indiana ~ leader of the National Gov Prayer Call, contrasted Covid-19 and almost died. A physician went to bat for him and prescribed hydrochloriquine, BUT his pharmacist, who obviously hates Trump, would NOT fill the prescription. Please hear his POWERFUL testimony at 1 hr and 13 min on the call. https://fccdl.in/rdXfVRQVdL