What Happened Today?

It was sort of creepy today as Big Tech is on the Hill and being asked by two Democratic Senators to better monitor or silence the voices of people Democrats disagree with. This is where the Left goes… total control and domination over the lives of others.

In this broadcast we also show you strange and unexplained numbers popping up in Georgia and Michigan and Pennsylvania.

And I talk about a vision that a prophet had that revealed the feet of Jesus descending a staircase. He heard the Lord say, “I am coming quickly, hold fast your crown lest another take it.” He took it to mean that the Lord is stepping into a position to judge the situation and not to accept loss of the crown off this administration. Our job is to hold fast in prayer.

What we need is for judges to see evidence such as what you’ll see here. It will hopefully compel them to stop certification of results till a thorough rechecking of votes occurs in disputed or irregular counties.

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7 thoughts on “What Happened Today?

  1. Hi Lance, I’m Shaun and I was praying with you in the Spirit. And the Lord 🙏 Jesus wants you to lay hands on the Trump cut out and speak His Word over him!! Speak God’s Word that will never return void! Speak life to him. And give God 🙏 praise! For the Victory!! I had a dream that darkness was covering the earth and Biden’s name was above the darkness. I said stop in the name of Jesus and the darkness stopped! Then I prayed in the Spirit and a bright light shined and at the top said Trump! And the more I prayed the brighter the light got making the darkness leave!

  2. Dr. Lance,
    Thank you for sharing the Word of God as spoken to the prophets. Thank you also for calling the Church to wake up and mobilize. I have shared your video with many friends. We are praying in agreement. We are wondering what “conservative” (Republican??) Leaders are doing around the nation, to demand election integrity. Do you know? We would like to organize concerned Patriots to unite and contact these leaders to encourage them to do something to uncover fraud, deception, and restore election integrity. There is power in numbers. Do you have an uncensored social media group that we could communicate with?

  3. Understanding the way the fraud was committed is helpful in praying with specificity into having these tactics exposed and foiled. Thank you.

  4. That was great Lance, I love your nuttiness, you use similar words to me. And many a Christian would think otherwise.
    That was very helpful and I have noted all the psalms and will be praying them.
    I am one of your early follower and probably found out oh because I’m just as radical, just haven’t found a (platform ) yet.
    Bless you and keep you I pray a hedge of protection around you I pray the Lord energise and strengthen you and your rants and prayer reach million now in the Name of Yeshua amen

  5. Bless you Lance. May God bless you much. And we the people thank you!! March on soldier in His strength, we are with you in continual prayers of His powerful & victorious Word! Thank you for the scriptures, they are spot on!

  6. Dear Lance. My husband and I watched your ‘confession’ video late last night and we prayed
    with you in agreement while you were praying and declaring God’s judgement on the wicked through Scripture! Our hope of course is that they will come to Christ, however judgement may well put them
    on the path to redemption! We so thank the Lord for you and the ministry that the Lord as given you of encouragement to all of us out here. Your need for ‘confession’ just makes you human and that’s why we all come to hear how the Lord is moving upon you during these times. You are a great Blessing to the Body of Christ in the Nations!
    In Christ;
    Murray and Karen