We Have Less Than 30 Days To Turn This Around

Here is A Powerful Prophetic Word On What Jesus Is Doing Right Now! He’s Stepping In… “Behold I come quickly” to the church in Philadelphia! Watch Pennsylvania. Rudy Giuliani reveals shocking revelations about the Venezuela, pro Antifa and Soros fingerprints upstream on the software used for the election. Shocking.

PRESSED for time? Grab the prayer and Lance Rant that starts 36 minutes in. Go there. The prophecy and Rudy update is in the first 30 minutes.

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4 thoughts on “We Have Less Than 30 Days To Turn This Around

  1. Thank you for the life and Spirit you are injecting into a population in confinement around the world.
    The detrimental effects of this shut down and the harping each day on numbers and deaths has caused much misery and destroys hope but many have used this time to do what you did in your prayer tonight and that is to wage war against the evil plans of evil people. It is God’s will that the dominions of evil be defeated. Right now they are giddy with power. Every time we vote we enter into a Covenant and all who are on God’s team vote for his Will to be done. A vote for anyone who wants to make or keep abortion legal is a vote against God. We are now the people he calls to pray evil out and bind it in the blood of Christ so that it does not return. If Noah had the weapons we have been given through the life, death and resurrection of Christ many events would be different for him. So let us use all the tools in the war-room. We too can take our supplications to the court of Heaven and using all these arguments of bible texts and Jesus’ sacrifice we can present a case which will have a swift answer.

    Keep teaching us how to apply the Bible Texts to our prayers. These are our weapons of war.
    Many blessings. Love your Spirit.

  2. Resonated with this extensively from private impressions from Holy Spirit; active prayer leader, singer at KEY OF DAVID HOUSE OF PRAYER; originally located at 2222 address 13 yrs. ago;
    Using prayer format you provided last month; will update accordingly with Isaiah 45. On it!

    Dated 11/29/20 That leaves 2 wks. approximately – not too late. Thankyou. Shalom, Jana B.