What Connects Kanye West, A Hungarian Psychologist, & Jazz Musicians?

In this Lance Rewind from Kingdom Calling 2016, I tell you about the time I talked to Mark Chironna, and I heard this clicking in the background. I asked him what it was, and he said he was taking notes. Then I thought maybe I should be taking notes, so we both started taking notes. We would talk to each other, but the Lord was saying stuff through us. You’ve just got to be talking to the person God’s Anointed you to have a conversation with, and you get clarity while you’re talking to them.

It’s freaky when it happens with your own family. My son, Carl, will explain what connects Kanye West, Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and Jazz musicians. The one thing they all share is flow state. Kanye West talks about getting into a zone (flow), Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is called the godfather of flow, and jazz musicians have the highest likelihood of entering a flow state.

But when you’re in flow, you feel fully alive, and you feel one with everything, you lose all sense of time. In a sense, you become timeless, and you’re walking in your full potential at that moment. So, how could you tap into flow in the future?

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7 thoughts on “What Connects Kanye West, A Hungarian Psychologist, & Jazz Musicians?

  1. Lance,
    Watched this yesterday on youtube, really enjoyed the “flow” between you and your son. By the way you and your wife made beautiful children.
    After you discussed your time in the ‘flow’ with Mark Chironna, and after watching you, I tuned him into youtube and what a TREAT to listen to Dr Mark again. Wow…he’s got the Kingdom music in himself along with a moveable feast of Christology!
    Thanks Lance, you and Mark are treasury ingots within the Kingdom Treasury Gold.

  2. Why aren’t we meeting in our Churches protesting something different each Sunday or prayer day. We could protest there is Not enough Kingly Judicial prayers going out there. We could protest we need more fellowship and relationships. And not Last or Least we could Protest we kneed MORE of GOD. MORE OF HOLY SPIRIT AND WE NEED MORE OF Jesus !!!!!

  3. I love every word I just heard and am thankful that it was said by both Lance and his son, Carl. I was about to be skeptical but they both changed my perspective right away. thank you Lance. You are my hero.

  4. Hey Lance –
    what happened to the rest of Kanye West & a Hungarian Psychologist and Jazz Musicians??? You left me hanging!! Also, do we ever get a sample of Carl’s band?

    Also, every time I listen to one of Lance’s broadcasts, I “subscribe” … but I never get a notice from you, except for this one … I received in my email. I am not a member of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or Youtube, for that matter as they are all vessels of the Deep State that I am avoiding. I presume that is why I only hear of Lance’s material by accident. Anyway, I always appreciate Lance’s message when I hear him. Thank you!!

  5. My son is a jazz musician and so I truly understand the concept of flow. It has been magic to see when band members listen and receive closely from one another and then take their turn to lead – in complete unity. EXCELLENT! Thank you Carl for pointing this out. I love the practicality of getting the ‘Be’ down pat, being honest about the present state of mind, then going for the Goal of God’s destiny for each one of us. Thank you.