U.K. Brexit & News From China On Coronavirus!

I want to give you an update on what’s happening globally since impeachment has been eclipsing everything else. There’s the coronavirus coming out of China, Brexit just happened in Europe and that’s going to have a ripple effect across the whole continent. Then there’s the impeachment drama that I believe is going to resolve itself in the next election cycle.

All of this is part of what I’ve been teaching regarding the warfare of Daniel chapter 10, the 21 day period of the Prince of Persia battle that Cyrus in our present history is reiterating the patterns in the bible. This teaching is all in “Sheep Nations Rising” and “Seven Mountains: The Rise And Fall Of Nations”.

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One thought on “U.K. Brexit & News From China On Coronavirus!

  1. God has been showing me that the Chinese were working on this virus as a biological weapon. But it got out. The gov’t then decided to use it and weaponize it
    They have started infecting people and then sending them out to all major airports. Not just America but the world. God allowed it to break out in response to their persecution of Christians in China. It takes up to 20 days for the virus to make someone symptomatic. Recently God intervined as a jet headed to California had an operative who showed symptoms on the plane carrying him from China. They were supposed to be scree ed twice before arriving. How did he get through? One thing that I have learned from the Impeachment hoax is that the Devil and all his servants are dead serious about destrying anyone with the testimony of Jesus. Yet christians everywhere are blind, lazy and have no clue what God is doing today.