U.K. Ambassador makes public his contempt for the U.S. President

So the U.K. Ambassador makes public his contempt for the U.S. President?

I think it time we point something out. It is a source of almost constant wonder to me how Trump’s brazen critics do not see something so obvious it can almost be missed. I’m speaking about the manner in which these anchormen, journalists, bureaucrats, and entertainers express their contempt. Their attitude is universally one of condescension. They judge Donald Trump to be their inferior, an ignoramus, an incompetent.

None of them ever see the obvious, namely, that they may not like or trust Donald Trump, but none of them can compare the scope of his achievements against theirs and not see that they are his inferiors. The news pundits and entertainers can not equal Trumps “Apprentice.” The liberals, socialists, and leftist CEOs can’t match his personal wealth or the number of people he has employed through his businesses and his economic policies. His Democrats and Republican critics never won the office of President.

Consider the arrogant British Ambassador. To criticize Donald Trump’s intelligence or competence implies that the critic is his mental superior. But are they? How is it that Trump, their inferior, has achieved more than them in not one but three domains: media, business, and politics. Their criticisms reveal an odd mixture of hubris and ignorance. They all seem to strut about as if they were the mans mental and moral superiors. This is what the delirium syndrome produces. It’s as if they live to fulfill Paul’s warning to Timothy about people who are under the influence of ideas that lead them to be taken captive at will by the devil. They are blinded by their hatred.

Paul’s counsel to Timothy? Speak up. Speak truth. Teach and as you do so pray that God grants them access to the grace that can deliver them.


Source: Trump fires back at UK ambassador who attacked him: ‘We are not big fans of that man’ | Fox News

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