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18 thoughts on “Have You Spotted The Prophetic Pattern Hidden In Your Bible?

  1. Dear Mr. Wallnau,

    We would also like to have a copy of the “Cyrus Trump Prophetic Summary Manual” for our prayer group. We have and will continue praying intercessory prayer for our leaders and the leaders of the world!! Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom!!

    Bless you and Thank you,

  2. 9/27/2020
    Back on Dec. 15, 2015 a letter was sent personally to Donald J. Trump (later-on to his wife & son Donald Jr.) to show that he would be elected president in 2016 …
    Also included with letter was an ‘illustrated’ chart that shows how it was being graphically being
    determined with ‘signs & wonders’ portrayal …
    It also showed that governmental influenced positions will be heading strongly towards ‘SOCIALISM’ ties within borders of USA …
    This must be prevented @ all costs from ever taking place within the White House office …
    Thank you 4 listening!