2 Questions to Help You Stay on Your Game in 2014


TwainI feel like the Lord is saying to many of you that He is about to release some things to you from heaven. My sense is that when your opportunity comes, be vigilant because the enemy will try to come at the same time to steal it. Be diligent and alert and hold on to whats yours!

Having failed in getting Jesus to sin in the wilderness, the devil “departed from Jesus until an opportune time.”
(Lk 4:13) An OPPORTUNE time? Whats that? He was looking for an opening. And believe me, he had a very, very rough time finding the opening in Jesus hedge. This went on till the time came for Judas to supply the access. 

We however are not as airtight and since “Satan prowls like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour” it is important to keep a close watch over his prowling territory – your mind, relationships and resources.

Keep that prowling lion starved for opportunity – because another verse says….“The lion perishes for lack of prey, and the cubs of the lioness are scattered.” (Job 4:11)

To be at the top of your game in 2014 so you seize your opportune moment , here are two questions:

1.) What single word best captures the FOCUS of this year? 

a.) Looking back, what single word “should” have been your focus for the last year?

2.) Where was your greatest UNEXPECTED  SUCCESS last year? Why was it so successful? 

a.) What three steps can you take NOW to take full advantage of the “window of opportunity” this year?

Bonus: What 3 changes in me would be most pleasing to God?

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One thought on “2 Questions to Help You Stay on Your Game in 2014

  1. Lance – really appreciate the timing of the Holy Spirit via your post. He has been speaking to me via Ezekiel 47 – He wants me to JUMP IN…not ankle deep, not knee deep, not waist deep…..all the way in……where fruit will occur on both sides of the river….and harvest time will be MONTHLY! I receive the word offered in your post as well as via E47!