Two Questions You Should Ask Yourself

While reading 100 Questions Every Entrepreneur (or Reformer) Should Ask, I got to wondering… 

UndergroundIf there is one skill or art at the root of every advance in innovation, it is the art of asking questions…the right QUESTIONS.

Well I’ve gotten hold of this HOT LIST of questions from the likes of Tom Peters, Tony Hsieh and others at the top of their secular game.

I picked two favorite questions:

1. What successful thing are we doing today that may be blinding us to new growth opportunities?

I think we are building bigger and bigger churches and satellites but they are NOT engaging the culture outside of the church. It’s success that distracts from moving towards the gates of hell with small groups of believers.

2. If we could go back in time 5 years, what decision would you make differently? What is your best guess as to what decision you’re making today you might regret 5 years from now?

That second question is a real barnburner. Try to be honest. For me….if I went back 5 years I would have done this differently. 
• I would have written a potentially controversial book about the 7 Mountains and the business of “Transformation” as now done by churches and ministries. 
• I would have inaugurated a 7M TRAINING program to teach people how to succeed personally and how to impact organizations. 
• I would have invited people to form a 7M UNDERGROUND NETWORK and built a robust social community to stay connected in a global 7M CITY in cyberspace. 
• I would have built a center in Dallas where training would happen year round – with a special focus on the 7M NEXT GEN.

Why didn’t I do it? I was held back by fear that I wasn’t holy enough or yet qualified for such an undertaking. 

So guess what I plan on doing now? 
(Hint) NOT regretting the next 5 years. I’m going to do it.

Want to join this revolution?


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