Put up your dukes

GOOD MORNING… I like this guy, Rick Renner. He has taught me for years with his grasp of Hebrew and Greek though the filter of his strong faith.

He says “When hard times come, that isn’t the time for you to surrender to your circumstances — it’s time for you to put up a fight! That’s when you need to “put up your dukes,” heave backward with all your spiritual might, and throw a knockout punch at the face of the devil. Do something bold that will break that stranglehold the devil is trying to put on you!” — RICK RENNER

I say…when the enemy is SO OBVIOUS in his attack that he does not even try to disguise himself- THAT is the time to get curious about what God is doing that makes hell so upset. Breakthrough may be closer than you think.

More than one couple had a fight on the way to church. It just seems like hell manifests when heaven is at work…so take heart.


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