This is the story of Dennis Balcomb who is legendary

970928_10151848182069936_1216032471_nImagine ministering in the underground church in China when it was hostile to Christians.

Imagine getting arrested and interrogated over 20 times….risking your life repeatedly.

Then imagine you have millions of Christian followers in the house church movement. Your arrests made you notorious but your good reputation over time has built a relationship with the Government and police in key Provinces where they look to you to clarify true Christian groups from cults.

This is the story of Dennis Balcomb who is legendary. We finally met this week and it was like meeting a page out of revival history. 5 minutes with him and you want to rededicate your life to winning nations.

I look forward to visiting with him in China and continuing to get his input into our rapidly expanding Asian business and leadership network. He was somewhat familiar with what we do and shared our updated strategy and he encouraged is to keep at it…

Any of you feel called to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan?

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