If The Devil Can’t Stop You He Will Try To Confuse You

Devil can stop youThe number one lie of the enemy:

YOU ARE NOT READY YET! Do not listen to this voice.

Remember – if it's the truth that sets you free, then it’s a lie that holds you captive. The lie you must overcome is that you need more preparation, money, time, experience, or confirmation.

Look at the business graph I attached. The dotted line is your track and the solid line is the opportunity.

1. At first, you sense an opportunity. Your spirit gets a glimpse of something.

2. The moment arrives where you need to take action, see what works and what does not work and make adjustments.

3. You are over thinking, waiting to be certain, looking for confirmation. Over-analysis leads to uncertainty and the state of uncertainty opens the door to confusion as you entertain too many voices and ideas.

4. Failing to take action, you come down into a “wait and see” position and watch for the moment to step into action – and miss the window.

What you needed to do is assess the situation and the opportunity and TAKE ACTION: run a pilot, test your assumptions, get in the game, take some sort of action and adapt and increase engagement! You will never feel fully ready because where you are going is always larger than where you have been.


The parable Jesus taught about the talents is often misunderstood. The servant who feared making a mistake was punished and the servant who was aggressive about increasing market share for the Master was rewarded. Faith involves risk. BEWARE the confusion that breeds uncertainty when the time comes to ACT!


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34 thoughts on “If The Devil Can’t Stop You He Will Try To Confuse You

  1. Each time I read or listen to your messages, it awakens something in me and I usually long for more … Thank you for the dedication and commitment to keep your heart waiting before the throne of Grace so that all who come across you can be touched by the aroma of the King. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Lance, Whilst i agree with you about taking risks and releasing people to fulfill their calling, i have certain reservations.
    My view is that it’s always good to ask advice of those you respect before you leap, especially if it involves major decisions about money, moving to another location etc. I’ve seen Christians get in a heep of trouble and lose money because they jumped into something, only to get their fingers burnt.
    I stand to be corrected if i am wrong. I always have the greatest respect for you, simply because you’ve earned it by who you are.

  3. Thank you for this word .it was something definitely I needed to read right now I know this is a new season for me to do great things , thanks agian for this revalation.

  4. This is a message we need to hear right now and pretty much every time we go from one level to another. It is always a bit scarey to move into something new and unknown, but every time that fear is set aside and action is taken it is so worth it! Lance you’re Awesome!

  5. I attended ur last dream trip in may. Since then I took a step of faith left my job of 13 yrs n took that opportunity to be on my own. I did exactly what you described in your above article.
    Awesome !! So glad I did. I feel so free and now my business is slowly but steadily doing good. Thank you for your mentoring. God is Good!


  6. I woke up this morning once again bombarded with thoughts of lack. As I spent time with the Lord, he showed me that confusion was creeping in. I took control of it and got my peace back. Then I opened my email to see this article from you!! What confirmation!

    I am in a struggle to transition and it is really hard to see my way around this problem. Your post helped me to clarify a lot of things! Thank you.

  7. Yes, sounds very familiar. This has been my mode of operation for some time. I am just stepping out and finding wonderful opportunities. The Lord is opening so many doors I thought were closed. Thanks for your incredible insights and encouragement.

  8. How true this is! When God sends you out, He will not fail you. It is about what He wants to accomplish through you; it is not about you. Just take the Lord there, yield to Him and then watch and see what He will do. You will always BE AMAZED!

  9. Lance, this information is helpful. I have sensed something I could do. Waited and asked for confirmation, thought and thought then became confused. Because it involves spending money I wanted to be sure.
    I have stepped out taken the first steps and can see now, in my spirit, the learning curve.

  10. Hi, I would absolutely love if you would be able to talk more in detail about the sanctification process when a person is climbing up in convergence (becoming increasingly influential and relevant in the world spreading the Kingdom). You have touched on that in previous videos & it would be great if you could talk about how the Glory of God plays a part and our sanctification process. Blessings to everyone 6 thanks so much for all these infos!

  11. Your writings are always helpful. Some have been life-changing for me and others with whom I have shared your messages. Thank you and please keep going – we need you and the world needs us equipped, empowered, and graced.

  12. oh this was the “slap in the face” that i needed to wake me up. a direct and personal rebuke from the Lord. THANK YOU GOD! thanks Lance.

  13. Dr Lance blessed by the post. This is a great post is aimed at bringing down religious thinking that always have you sitting wishin and a hopin without the least encouragement to go after and seize your Jesus moment passing you by. Circumstances are never perfect. They don’t accommodate faith they challenge it. Grace and truth is always there.

  14. Wow! this is particularly good for those who find it hard to make up their minds about issues even with all the resources around them. Good push Dr.Lance.

  15. Lance, thank you so much for this. When we begin to hear God calling us into something (new), – the main question that will raise its ugly head, (and very probably very promptly) is ‘What if?’ While being ‘normal’ for many of us, it reflects our world view as, at the root of it, is of course one of Satan’s main weapons-FEAR. I pray that instead of asking ‘What if?’ almost immediately, that we engage our faith and take on board your very wise suggestion to ‘take some sort of action’ (as opposed to letting fear overwhelm us and us end up doing nothing, which in the days to come may well lead to regret). I’m speaking to myself here (and of course I hope helping everyone else reading this) -put your toe in the water. Yes the ocean’s enormous, but it may well represent the breadth, length and depth of the opportunity that God wishes to bless us with, something far beyond our imagining. Far more importantly, the number of souls that we may help bring into The Kingdom may well also turn out to be far beyond our imagining also. Is it easy to take that initial step? Maybe not, but speaking personally, I know God has given me a musical gift that I’m sure He wants me to start using again in the very near future. But what if..? NO! I’m not going to entertain the thought. Kick it out guys! I’m going to trust God. I’ll pray, talk to others, take wise counsel. Leave my full-time job in the future? Well, yes, maybe..but only God knows what I and my family need and He won’t leave us in lack I’m sure. To quote Lance: ‘You will never feel fully ready because where you are going is always larger than where you have been’ .The water gently washing over our toes at the water’s edge is a great start-but let’s exercise our faith and dive in! I’m beginning the process. Who’s with me? God be praised for His amazing Holy Spirit and may He bless you Lance for your Prophetic Revelation, encouragement and obedience! It’d be amazing to meet you one day.

  16. I feel very much in my spirit that the words above are directly to me from God through Lance. It’s another confirmation of what the Lord has recently put in my heart. And it’s as crazy as Sarah having a baby at age 90.

  17. Yes this was a word at the right time for me. I’m an over thinker and it leads to so much frustration and doubt, then depression over the choice I finally do make. Thanks you!

  18. Fear, such a crippler!!! I find that the more I feed on encouragement and success stories, the more my mind changes. My thinking changes. I start dreaming about big hits. Gotta take action though….