The Tipping Point Has Arrived

What is happening now in this critical, perhaps final week in combat with forces of darkness seeking a hostile takeover of our nation. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona update.

We’ve found the weakness – nervous Republican Legislators! And I give you the strategy.

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One thought on “The Tipping Point Has Arrived

  1. My dear brothers and sisters, I am disappointed too that this election hasn’t gone president Trump’s way. I prayed and interceded and sent angels as I was being led to do at that moment, so I too believed it was a done deal, that president Trump had won. I was surprised at the results. Now after a few weeks of being in a broken and humble place, I have now wiped my tears and now asking God ‘what now.’
    This is what I’m hearing. Yes! The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of God, but His kingdom is located in our hearts. From our hearts is where it takes over. It sounds to me like it’s a grass root movement similar to the president Trump movement. Where does God dwell? It is with the humble and contrite. With the results of the elections and the intensity with which we the church leaned into it, it hasbring us to that place where God dwells, humble and contrite. Should we now not own it? After all our ultimate goal as the church, His body is to usher in the Glory or in other words, the perpetual revival. It is building in that state of revival that the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God.
    I have now gone inwards to create a place for him to come armed with that place of humility and contrite ness that the election result has provided to seek and bring down from heaven a kingdom not made with man’s hands but of God’s, a movement that demands ‘sacrifice and offering you did not desire though offered in accordance with the law but a body you prepared for me. Then I said here I am, it is written of me in the scroll, I have come to do your will. I Thank president Trump for what he has done for the church and for America. He first brought the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. As goes Israel, so goes the church. Now as Cyrus did, he helped to rebuild God’s dwelling place on earth, so president Trump has done to bring the church home to the kingdom in our hearts, so God can have once again, a glorified dwelling place in our hearts. We knew President trump was not our salvation, but he would create conditions conducive for a glorified church. President Trump has done just that. It is now for us to run with it. Into His kingdom in our hearts to earnestly beseech for a glorified church in perpetual revival. That is our ultimate victory. What if it happened in 4 years rather than 8? Is that not better? Church, let us not loose site of who we are and the goal. We thank president Trump but now we move on and not get stuck.