Breaking News… Brace Yourself

Brace Yourself. The Republican swing states are saying they are certifying their electors behind a Biden win BUT the public hearings are so explosive and the blowback against wimpy local state legislators is so loud the whole situation is still not settled. Especially as whistleblowers come forward and the facts get out to the Trump base. 

Can you believe the Republican Gov. of Arizona certified for Biden WHILE the hearing was going on!?!? Call him you Arizonans! And the same for Georgia’s Gov. Ugh. Keep the heat on them. Jericho March, go to rallies, watch the hearings and share the facts.

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9 thoughts on “Breaking News… Brace Yourself

  1. I was given a book by the late ROLAND BUCK last weekend Nov 28 ’20 “Angels on Assignment” page 53 he says God showed him ‘records’ a type of file. He was shown CYRUS in Isaiah 44:28 and 45:1-4 TLB. God told him “you will easily understand.” (I’m assuming God showed him “today” events, have you heard of him?)
    *Roland past away at age 61 in 1979.

    Husband (of 39 years) and I are standing firm in Prayer and “power” on GOD’s team, from a remote Cattle Ranch here in BC Canada. 🕊
    Go get ’em Lance and team(s)🥳!!

  2. Good morning! We are praying diligently to overturn this fraudulent election. However, as you know, there are natural things that must happen to break through the onsurge of the fake news that is trying to rule the minds of all Americans. One simple thing to add to our prayers is for every person who voted for Trump to write a ‘Letter of Protest’ and mail it in to the appropriate places. To the White House to show our support to President Trump but also to other key mailing addresses and flood their mail boxes with over 50,000,000 letters of protest! What do you think? How can we organize and promote this written protest? You could encourage those in your audience and also on America Stands!

  3. Legislators are not doing their jobs! President Trump needs to declare a state of Emergency! The illegal activity is rampant and needs to be shut down immediately on those not doing their job and committing treason need consequences!
    China and these legislators have declared war on America! President Trump must act on behalf of the 74M people who voted for him.

  4. I want to contact key legislators, mayors, governors, etc., as you suggested, to make our voices heard. I’m just confused on the specifics of what I’m asking them to do. Obviously, fighting to unravel the truth and standing up boldly to those who would like to brush over or cover up corruption is the primary thing – but what am I asking these individuals to do specifically? I feel uneducated about the process of government and can hardly keep up with all the reports in each state. If you could lay out some key contacts & an example “script” to help get us started, I’m ready & willing to make some calls or write some emails. I just feel ill equipped and don’t know what to say to be taken seriously.
    I only recently found your videos and I’m greatly encouraged by your bold stand against the enemy. Thank you for your leadership and insight. God is using you in a mighty way.

    • Kathleen Matney
      Did you receive the help you were seeking? Could you share the response given ? I too have the same questions.

  5. The Heavenly Father is pushing back lawlessness. Exposing the fraudulent election systems will allow America to replace corrupt officials who used these systems to get into office. Is this biblical? Yes.

    When Jesus died on the cross, the Heavenly Father used his death to spoil the kingdom of darkness. One death for billions of sons and daughters. Nice!

  6. you mention a new party organizing – the American party?
    I’d like to get involved. I stand with you and President Trump.
    you also said that the organization needs better leadships – better planning, looking ahead, letting people know what to anticipate, etc.
    I want to get involved in this grass roots effort to take back our country from the evil deep state/democrats. Is there really a movement and organization starting? how can I become connected and part of it?
    thank you – God bless you for your words.