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2 thoughts on “The Steps for Reformation for America

  1. I visit the farmhouse in the spirit. I was there after the fence had been originally torn down. There was evil all around.
    Father God told me I was to design a new fence. I returned to the physical world and wrote down what fence I would not build and then decided on the fence I would. I designed it. Father God several months later came to show the fence that was built. It was the white picket fence that I was not going to build. I was very confused as to why this fence: a fence that would not protect the farmhouse. The fenced in farmhouse completely filed with people. I thought that I would look through the window of the farmhouse to see what was in it. I saw my apartment in the physical and two groups of people inside the farmhouse itself. The first group were people visiting with one another. Then in a room way in the back were people who were fellowshipping with God. That is when I realized that the farmhouse was a spiritual temple of God’s. My dog and I visited the farmhouse many times and even used it to travel to Heaven. The farmhouse was a portal many other places. One day, several months ago, I went to the farmhouse. I was shocked and really upset when I found the fence of God’s Temple completely torn down and everyone who were within the fenced in yard were gone. The Temple was empty too. I asked Father God what happened. He told me the baby Christians who were still outside were trying to save the small innocent children being killed and then sacrificed right in front of them. I was then told that instead of protecting the children, what they gave way to allowing the evil in.
    Our Father then told me to build the wall. I was to get 45 foot cylinders 5 feet in diameter filled with cement and use them for the fence. They would be set in 5 to 9 feet trench, one next to the other where they would be cemented together. Then the cylinders would tied together for extra strength. Then they would be cemented together.
    I saw how the cranes were used to lower the cylinders into ttrenches. Father God told me that as I were obedient in building the fence He would build the spiritual wall over the farmhouse so it would not happen again.
    Father God told me to tell Trump that was to build the wall, not a fence or barrier or the samething would happen to the border that happened to the farmhouse. As Trump builds the wall He would put the spiritual wall over America.
    Lance Wallnau could you please get this President Trump.

    • Where’s Part 2 of the prophecy you put up on YT on June 21. It was riveting and I so want to hear Part 2. My pastor at New Life Global/Kempsville gave a sermon on the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem by Nehemiah and how we are called to rebuild our own part of the spiritual wall around our own nation America. We have started a Dream Center to help the homeless and a Fostering Hope Adoption program to find homes for the over 400 kids in our area who don’t even have foster homes. We’re still in the infancy of these programs but they’re growing and so are we. So your vision fits in beautifully with our own revelation from God.
      Thank you for working so hard to wake up American Christians with your prophecies.
      Susan Heath
      VA Beach