Find out what is happening behind the scene and pray the prophetic prayers that make a difference.

Why are rulers raging right now? Why is the moment urgent? Franklin Graham called for prayer and we have over 2000 that locked shields together in a “live” prayer call. We need you in this battle. Join in!

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  1. May God’s will be done & His Kingdom come!
    Do not be anxious; Our Heavenly Father is in control!

  2. Thank you Man for GOD!
    This is the very first time I watched you, as you prayed for our President Mr. Wallnau.
    Amazing power you exhibit in HIS word, Amazing!
    I am part of a small church here in Wenatchee Washington, and we are praying as a whole church for President Trump, for 24 hours continually on the 1 3th and 14th. Your video I just watched moved me so much that I am going to present it to our pastor, Daniel Kellogg, because I truly believe your words were so prophetic that from them we shall guide our congregation on a more true path!

    Thank You Lance, GOD BLESS