THE OLD Principalities rise up again with new faces.

THE OLD Principalities rise up again with new faces. The Devils terrorist Insurgents are not limited to Islam. The haters of the USA are primarily in academia and increasingly in media.

Leftists Professors have castrated and shamed American youth with regard to their Fathers…their Founding Fathers and their noble history while Chinese and Russian youth the same age are fed a much different diet. A diet that belittles the West and exalts Mau and Stalin.

China has an HBO type series deifying Chairman Mau as its founding Father. In February, Russia unveiled a monument to the watershed 1945 “Big Three” Yalta summit that features Stalin along with US president Franklin D. Roosevelt and British prime minister Winston Churchill, despite objections from Crimean Tatars, an ethnic group persecuted under his rule.

– ‘Unlearnt lessons’ –

“Stalin’s rehabilitation is being steadily implemented,” Nikita Petrov, a historian at Memorial, Russia’s most prominent rights organisation, told AFP.

“It’s a sign of unlearnt history lessons, a reluctance to look at yourself and honestly admit that we took the wrong path and that our country committed a host of crimes against its own people and the people of neighbouring states.”

He said officials, who are nostalgic for the superpower status of the USSR, have consciously been promoting Stalin as a tough leader who led the Soviet Union to victory in WWII and presided over the country’s industrialisation.

Those sentiments are now shared by many everyday Russians.

He who tells the better story wins. Sheep Nations are nations that honor the narrative of faith and freedom. America has a better story. Christians have a better story. Fathers have a better story. It’s time time for a 7m Revolution…the story of America is about to change!

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