12193357_10153751953854936_1853846164714573701_nTHE NATURE OF OUR BATTLE

I am concerned. For the last two or three years I have been involved with platforms and meetings that host the Christian movement.

There are some 320,000 churches in America. 100,000 say they are genuine Bible based churches. 90% of the Pastors say the Bible speaks to the topics tearing America apart – BUT THEY DO NOT PLAN ON SPEAKING ON THESE TOPICS. Too divisive. Theywon't gain people but might lose people. Sorry to say, Christian media has made the same decision.

58% of Christians in those churches say they want plain teaching on these controversial subjects – but they are not going to get this teaching in most churches.

For the last two years I have attended strategy meetings behind the conservative movement. It is still a disorganized movement competing for donar dollars and reluctant to work together.

Liberal Progressives on the other hand are well funded and in control of the high places of Media and Academia. Political activists are well funded by the wealthy who made their money in an America whose Judeo Christian and conservative leaning culture – they don't like. Its crazy. This is the power partnership that shifted Millennials – the next Gen- so that sympathy to same sex marriage went from 8% to over 50% in one generation.

Hillary Clinton and the Left are promising more from a Government that is already bloated and under a President who nearly doubled the National Debt- — the total national debt was $10.6 trillion when he took office in 2009…its 19 Trillion today.

If Clinton wins, America will self destruct under the debt. The divisiveness that has been fueled by Progressives: poor against rich, black against white, will erupt in 20 Fergusson's and Baltimore's.

Harbinger people were waiting for a collapse in September and October that did not come. It is not Gods will that America collapse – but it is the will of the people- in their misguided electoral decision making. The Progressives are setting up the nation for a calamity. The choices they are making will sink this ship as certainly as the ill fated Titanic was doomed to self destruction in its headlong rush through an ocean of icebergs. Our iceberg hits at 21-22 Trillion. Thats the magic number that sinks us. Its the point where the interest on the debt is so great we can no longer pay it.

I'm not even talking about the most catastrophic foreign policy blunder in U.S. History – giving a State sponsor of 5 terrorist organizations – Iran – the ability to acquire a nuclear weapon, while funding them with 150 billion dollars as they chant “Death To America.”

It is NOT too late.
If you feel as I do, that “something” will require each of us to show up.
1. This will be a grass roots movement.
2. It will of necessity be controversial.
3. We will need to connect with each other. We will need to communicate.
4. It will require sacrifice. We will need to bare with the incoming friendly fire of Christians who will blame us for making life uncomfortable for them as the battle heats up.
5. We can impact the future by organizing prayer at an unprecedented level as we align intercession with the front line of the movement.
6. There will be Ninja sheep (who must be covert) and Killer Sheep (unashamed members of a new Jesus Alliance. Lovers of Christ who care about issues and speak intelligently and courageously.)
7. There will be no single leadership, it will be a network of networks. But it will organize itself geographically and in specific spheres where we have influence and can work AS ONE! Meetings will be historic in some places. Musicians and artists will be catalysts in this movement. It will walk arm in arm with an AWAKENING as Americans become desperate for hope and new leadership.
8. This is a GLOBAL MOVE. All nations are about to be shaken. If we work together AS ONE among nations, we can access strength we do not have on our own. There are believers in other countries who will stand with America, even as the Gentiles came together to help the Jerusalem church in a time of famine.

If not us…who?
If not now…when?

I know what I sense and see is real. I do not believe I am being premature. I think the hour is late. What do you think?

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