“How To Create Your Future – NOW” – Watch Lance’s Level 10 Process


Is there someone or something missing in your life? It just might be that YOU are the hold up. When you are ready- the person will appear.

Watch Elexio in this “live” transformation – You Could Be Next! In just 12-minutes you’ll witness a Level 10 Transformation. (I even explain what was going on behind the scene.)

This free training is my gift to you.

A Level 10 Encounter from Heartstone Pictures on Vimeo.

Level 10 refers to living life so fully and intensely that you squeeze the juice out of what is available in God’s vast blueprint for your destiny.

In a word it is being 100% FULLY ALIVE and engaged in God’s purposes. Jesus speaking in John 10:10 said, “I have come that they may have LIFE.” It does not matter how stressful the world becomes, you and I have a built in equalizer that expands our capacity for heaven on earth! Our challenge is to “grow up into Him” so that He can expand us to our full design – at a Level 10.

Now is the time to get clear. Clarity is power.

God has been speaking to me lately about His ability to create pockets of paradise in the midst of shaking. These would be small outposts of heaven on earth. God is building gardens of Eden in the midst of the concrete jungles of Babylon. Jesus said, “occupy till I come.” When you fully “occupy” your garden you are dominating and expanding your family, home, office, career, material,and relational sphere at a Level 10.

It’s the most exciting and exhilarating place to live.

Level 10 is when you are DOING, what YOU are called to do and HAVING the things God called you to have – because you are BEING who you are called to BE.

Make no mistake – THIS is the most important chapter of your life!

It is time for “convergence.” Convergence is a Level 10 experience!

Come to Dallas and I will help you answer the two questions that will shape your world for the next decade 2015-2025.

Here are the Level 10 strategy questions that will change your life:
1.WHAT am I called to DO that I have NEVER done before?
2.In order to do this, WHO will I need to BE that I have NEVER been before?

To get clear on those two questions you need to be in an intensive Holy Spirit filled catalytic atmosphere with others who are pulling in the same direction.

This is the “Lance Lab” where transformation miracles happen.  We will be dedicating 3 days to this in Dallas October 30-November 1.

$1395 for Individuals
$2500 for Couples
Price includes all profiles and training supplies.

Contact Deborah at admin@lancelearning.com for more information. 

 Here is our agenda:

  • Clarify your Level 10 dream.
  • Assess your needs, skills, and current situation with a Level 10 Strategy.
  • Learn heavenly goal setting and enter your Level 10 REST. This is called the “in and out” strategy. Learn to go into God’s presence and come out with instructions.
  • Access and upgrade your heavenly identity – at a powerful “cellular” level – and learn how to BE the person you need to be. Finally HAVE what God intended for you to have. This is the ultimate divine law of attraction – (Watch this video and see).
  • Attract love. Experience intimacy. Create Level 10 Relationships and learn how to “force multiply” your power of agreement and transform and lift the spiritual atmosphere of your life.
  • Create Level 10 Action plans to make your Level 10 dreams come true.
  • Step into your prophetic moment on the “hot seat” where Lance and his team help you refine and sharpen your “I am” statement so that you are laser like in your focus before you leave the program. (This is a powerful prophetic moment – like you see in the video.)

$1395 for Individuals
$2500 for Couples
Price includes all profiles, training materials, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

couples register here

individuals register here

CLICK HERE to book your hotel room using the special group rate.

Hotel Information:
Hilton Dallas/Southlake Town Square
1400 Plaza Place, Southlake, TX 76092
Just 10 minutes from the DFW Airport in Dallas, Texas

Group Name: Lance Learning Group
Check-in: October 29, 2015
Check-out: November 2, 2015


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4 thoughts on ““How To Create Your Future – NOW” – Watch Lance’s Level 10 Process

  1. Hello Lance

    Will I be able to purchase the “Level 10 encounter” set.
    I am South Africa and am unable to attend. I have just been at a conference at Christian International and the Friday evening you taught us in the conference from your living room and it was absolutely amazing. I have since purchased your material that was for sale at the conference and love the way you teach.

    I trust these teachings will be available afterwards to purchase it from Website.

    Excited to get to my level 10 encounter.
    Barbie Davids
    South Africa

  2. Lance your awesome, we love the way you lay it out with no BS and the truth. I particularly like what you said about “suck it up buttercup” and the truth and how the Lord is fed up with all this crap and ready to unload. We are praying for you and getting the word. Keep up the awesome job fearless warrior.