Warfare is inside your mind more than in you circumstance. Don’t believe the lie. Reading some inspiring words from Seth Godin got me thinking today about the new information economy.

Don’t believe the lie. David slew the Giant after picking five smooth stones. Use them to slay FIVE LIES.

is that you’re going to need far more talent than you were born with. That you don’t have enough and need something more, some special trust, impartation or guru to give you the missing piece.

Everything you need is in you now.

The SECOND LIE is connected to the first. Don’t believe that the people who are leading in the new connection economy got there because they have something you don’t, know something you don’t or have advantages you don’t have.

The THIRD LIE is that you have to be chosen in order to stand out. You as a believer are more chosen than a multitude of those who are hostile to the faith. The difference is that the devil resists you but does not resist as vigorously those who have no kingdom agenda.

The FOUTH LIE is that we’re not all afraid at some level. believers and unbelievers all bear the malice of hell and fight thru a gauntlet of negativity to do something positive.

How are we afraid?

We are afraid to lead, to make a ruckus, to be controversial and misunderstood. Afraid to be vulnerable, to be called out, to be seen as less than we want to be.

The connection economy isn’t based on funding, or buildings or high up connections. It’s built on those who convey a message others resonate with. It is an economy built on the currency of your ability to inspire trust and hope and passion in others.

The FIFTH LIE is you need to wait. The timing isn’t right.
The TRUTH is this – the future belongs to those that care deeply, feel strongly believe fully in something bigger than themselves.

This is YOUR hour. Step into it!

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