Swamp sends Chernobyl to clean up the spill at Chuck E. Cheese!

This is so outrageous it borders on hilarious. It tells us two things.

1.) The FISA court was supposedly deceived with partial and erroneous data before issuing powers to spy on candidate Trump and his staff. Now we know it did not matter if the data was erroneous. FISA was working with the coup in the Intelligence Community and therefore wanted to issue the authorization!
Devin Nunes sent documentation to alert them to the deception in the FBI's documentation. They ignored it and issued surveillance powers anyway.
FISA has no intention of reforming itself.

2.) The corruption is so bad that if Trump does not win in 2020, this Deep State power of civilian surveillance will be used to target people the Swamp deems dangerous, like “hate speech evangelicals,” which is what they will call people like us.

Their powers should be reduced to rubble until they can be trusted.
Think my analysis extreme? The Democratic left's most influential candidates are openly Marxist socialists, and China already practices this form of private surveillance of people like you and me.

This is more alarming and revealing than you think.

Please share this… it’s time we connected and moved AS ONE in prayer, AS ONE in amplifying our voice, AS ONE in multiplying our influence.
Like Maximus said in the arena in Rome, “whatever comes through those gates, we have a better chance of survival if we work together.”

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FISA court selects former Obama admin lawyer, left-wing blogger to oversee FBI's surveillance reforms

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One thought on “Swamp sends Chernobyl to clean up the spill at Chuck E. Cheese!

  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7896531/Furious-Donald-Trump-DENIES-knowing-Lev-Parnas-saying-just-took-photos-together.html
    Sirus is so entertaining and predictable. Even before the press asked him if knew Lev Parnas, I, along with a million other people who have gotten to know his pattern of deception, knew that he was going to deny that he knew Lev Parnas. Just like he did not Manafort, Sonderland, Cohen and the many other sleazes he uses and then drops when they are no use to him. I bet he would do to Roody Rooter in a second if he had to. Lev has numerous pictures not only with Syres, but with the king’s children. But he still does not know him.