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I remember Kim Clement talking about how in Acts 9, Ananias was praying and God visits him and sends him to minister to Saul of Tarsus. Now what God has done is reached out to a terrorist and converted him but Ananias doesn’t know anything about Saul’s conversion, he’s just getting directives on where to go.

The big question is, who is Paul called to go to? I was asked this by a man known as the ‘stealth Billy Graham’ along with lot of other trick questions. Another of his questions was “who is the worthy person?” and that brought us to the worthy wolf!

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One thought on “Find The Worthy Wolf | Lance Rewind

  1. Lance, after reading both your posts, ‘Swamp sends Chernobyl’…& ‘Find the Wolf’…I’m lead to share my vision from last night. I awoke in the wee hours sat up and saw an alligator, all green and smooth, being walked in front of a group of people (I didn’t recognize) who held it on a leash! I screeched awaking my spouse, because of the size of this thing its gate and confidence as it walked toward me.
    The understanding after prayer was that this Gator(deep state leader) is coming out of the DC Swamp and is a BIG (leader within the deep state) and coming into public view now, being held by those in leadership who control him/her. This is about the up and coming senate impeachment hearings.
    As One, we must pray.