Where to Run!

StopDavid is a type of “next” thing God will do. Saul is a type of “former” thing that is in resistance. When it came to the point that David was being vilified by threatened leaders, he ran to a mentor. 

“So David fled and escaped to Samuel.”
* The mentor is someone who saw your potential when others didn't. 
* Mentors speak to and activate your potential and launch you on your journey of development.
* Your Mother cares about you. Your mentor cares about both you and your high calling.

Together, Samuel and David went to a place called “Naioth” in “Ramah.” The word “Ramah” means “height or high place,” and “Naioth” from the root word “rest” as at home in your habitation.

A mentor will take you into a higher place where you have access to your high calling. They bring you into a circle where you can find rest for your soul and clarity for your identity while on the run from accusers like Saul. 

Naioth = “habitations.” In the place of habitation you discover other people who are necessary resources to accomplish your assignment. David is brought into a “company” of prophets. By presiding over them, Samuel accelerated their growth. He increased their access into the invisible world.

Naioth – became a prophetic canopy over David that disarmed Saul's servants and foiled Saul's plan to destroy him. 

“Habitations” are formed out of places where modern-day Samuels build new wineskins, where new relationships can form and collectively discern and describe the new thing God is doing. These habitations cause the bigger picture to emerge and come to pass for those called together. 

This is a NEW MODEL for gathering. This was the Upper Room in Acts. It is the story behind the history of every legitimate church plant. It is the experience of early stages in Mission organizations. 

My educated guess is that these are emerging again in different forms. SUPERNATURAL THINK TANKS!

When Paul was persecuted by the spirit of Saul in religious leaders he shifted out of the synagogue and for two years built a habitation for his disciples while disputing daily in the “school of one Tyrannus.” (Acts 19:9)

* Find Mentors
* Find a supernatural habitation for collaboration – “Naioth”
* If you need to, create it!

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