Life is Too Short Not to Live it as You Intend!

LifeDo you really have the power to create the life you want? Take a look around. Is there anyone doing what you love?The very fact that someone else is living the life you want proves it is possible for someone to do it….why not you? Perhaps you do not have their particular gifts and talents. Good enough, but If you love the craft, like movies, there are dozens of roles involved with that production. Where you are gifted by God, you are invited by God to advance. Just keep saying “yes” to opportunity. 

There is a place for you. Get clear on what you do well and build a muscle around it. Kingdom principles like perseverance and being teachable really do work. 

And here is something I read from a casting director I grew up with…be generous. Give freely and help others advance. Your network of friends will help you get work.

Again, what if somehow you discovered that the life you really want is in fact the life that God has called you into? It amazes me how often people weep when hearing a prophetic word that speaks to a future they secretly longed for. But does it not make sense that your gifts fit a calling and when you do your calling you are 100% ALIVE?

There is NOTHING more important than finding and fulfilling your reason for being. 

But this is sort of my expertise. My life mission is all about people answering the calling that is on their life. COME JOIN ME in Cabo San Lucas at the Westin Resort May 22-25. We will have an atmosphere of glorious presence as Mahesh Chavda teaches on the supernatural and I will teach on how to hear God and work with the opportunity that’s “near” and the opportunity that’s “dear” while you eradicate “fear.”

This 5 days and 4 nights of glory and breakthrough in Cabo is available for prices as low as $750 to $900. 

Get the facts from my assistant Debbie and share with her a little about how you think I can help you if you come. Tell her what you need from this event! You and I will go to work to break you through!

Contact Debbie at
I really look forward to meeting you!

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