Prophetic Word For President Trump: “You Will Recover All”

Wait until you hear this prophecy that was delivered to Donald Trump. It was the national day of prayer last week and the spirit of God is tearing the veil away from America as we see the charges against General Michael Flynn dropped. But what about Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page? Were they set up the same way?

I've been getting this word, that God is going to cause us to overtake and recover all and is qualifying a remnant, confirming who he wants to work with right now. I want to show you Paula White prophecy over the President and he's so moved by the word he can't go on. Mario Salerno, a landlord auto-shop owner, also spoke and his prayer was right from the heart.

The thing that's been bothering me recently is the apathy of some Christians – the only protection we have is the voice we have and the vote we've got. We need to be bold, speak, and exert our influence in primaries to get the right candidates, or even run yourself and get involved in politics at a local level.

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10 thoughts on “Prophetic Word For President Trump: “You Will Recover All”

  1. Yes I would join you in worship! Thank you for sharing this prophecy from the National Day of Prayer.

  2. Just found your show, looked you up and am enjoying your words of wisdom. Thank you for your courage to address political news in light of God’s word. I will follow you and pray for you from this day forward.

  3. I am a subscribed follower. How can I get your messages timely? I just received this today, the 12th. Same with most of your messages, they are a couple days late.
    As always this was a good.

  4. Very good message and loved the prophecy from Paula White and the heart-felt prayer from Pastor Mario of NY.
    Thank you for your constitutional conservative perspective. Will continue to listen to your messages.

  5. Did You Miss It? Is it far more important than we realize?
    I noticed when you were doing the Ziklag item that you seemed to stumble over the period from the counting of the omer to Pentecost. Acts 1:3 makes reference to it as does John 20 & 21 and Luke 24. Jesus had to instruct the women to remind the disciples that He had commanded them to go to the Galilee and meet him there. Once there, He had to teach them all over about the Kingdom of God because they didn’t get it. Are we not in such a period right now?

  6. Dr. Wallnau, I believe strongly that the medical field is one of the mountains that control people. Do you include the medical field in the 7 mountains of influence. I am a graduate from CBC and while some get healed, many rely heavily on medicine/medical field. This Corona virus is just one example of influence.

    Thank you,
    Diane Marshall