A Special Mother’s Day Message

To all the mothers, who sacrificed in secret, lost sleep when their children were sick, and who were suddenly “not hungry” when that slice of pie was in front of them because someone else really wanted it. To all the mothers, that helped heal us from the wounds of puppy love and sat up waiting till we got home, when we were old enough to go out – but not old enough to be on our own. To all the mothers, who did the laundry, cooked, cleaned, and never once asked for a dime….we own much more than we could ever pay. But I know that all that debt would be paid in full to simply hear…”Mom, I love you.”

Mothers may you be abundantly blessed THIS year!

I want to make this Mother’s Day a special one by giving you a gift! I know many of you have unrealized dreams that are stirring in your hearts! You have willingly dedicated your life to serving your family and now you are stepping into a season of BIRTHING A NEW THING! That is why I decided to give to you this latest training for free! Normally this training would be bundled in to product offer or sold for $47 BUT before I did that I wanted all you moms to get this for free and before anyone else!

So I told my team to take this training and get it out to you as a special Mother’s Day and my way of saying, “Moms, I love you!” Its time the ideas and dreams that have been laying dormant on the inside of you to come alive with new vigor!

To get this training all you need to do is visit lancewallnau.com/mothers and the special training will be there waiting for you!

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6 thoughts on “A Special Mother’s Day Message

  1. Thank you Lance for being steadfast.Being a prophetic voice and intercession and coach to the peoplefGod .My sister and I and my our mom,listen and watch and pray with you daily! On the edge of our seats! Laughing but serious,getting through to heaven and making shifts and declarations that change us and this nation! Blessings ! Let’s keep going to pentecost! Dunimis power! And the blood of Jesus, healing America.

  2. Could this plague had come because of Trump dividing the country of Israel plan. That it would of passed by had He not given a plan to change the land borders. Remember the angel of death when David did what Elohim said was not to be done. The counting of the people.
    This year is the year of the census also.
    Thank you Lance for your teaching and prophetic voice.

  3. 2 other websites that are more like Drudge used to be: Conservative Free Press and Liberty Daily. quick easy reads.

  4. Im having trouble with sound on the Mother’s Day Special 2nd video. It’s not my lap top for sure. Ideas?

  5. Oh my gosh Lance…you so verbalized the stirring inside of me in this season of my life. My husband saw it too & was like “wow” (about how women only start to feel like they’re starting to live & are looking to be fulfilled)…I think he has a better understanding of where I’m coming from now & what I’ve been trying to communicate the past few years. And yet there is a perfect timing for me to go after the desires God has placed in my heart & go after that fulfillment of using the gifts & talents God has clearly bestowed on me. But, really…this couldn’t be more timely as it’s never too early to prepare, pray, & dream BIG with God!!! Thank you for this Mother’s Day gift!