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7 thoughts on “Permission to Be You Part 6 – Signals From Your Future

  1. Lance, I really needed to be reminded of this. Something did happen as I watched and listened to the video. Thank God for the Jesus in you.

  2. I was so encouraged by what you said. I have been so discouraged and does’nt help when others don’t believe you qualified. But the vision is so big in me, that I know it has to be God. And I recieve that word!

  3. Very inspiring— but one observation when looking at biblical characters and probably a good considerate amount of those fulfilling their desires at some point in their journey experienced one or all these–prophetic word from The Lord to confirm. Mentors that came alongside to help them through the process and a baptism of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise they would step into their calling with no power. Wondered what your thoughts were in comparison to just following a consistent desire. Thanks so much for taking the time to share and encourage