News Update: President Trump’s Fiery Press Briefing

The Scottish Reformer spirit is burning on Donald Trump in this fiery Press gathering.

Watch Pres. TRUMP in BATTLE as he:

– Speculates if Mosques will face the same resistance that Churches have faced as Islam celebrates Ramadan.

– Says Christianity is attacked in U.S.

– Says Pelosi is looking at the ocean and choking off 250 billion aid to small businesses, while playing politics.

– Says China and Iran are lying about deaths from the virus.


America is facing Great Depression Numbers, where 22 million people are now unemployed. Some say 30% of businesses will not come back in another week of shutdown! But we know from the book of Haggai that the promise from God is a gradual recovery and Awakening!


I want to show you where we are on the Prophetic Timeline and what to do between now and Pentecost – May 31st.

Send President your support as he opens up America: Reopen America

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10 thoughts on “News Update: President Trump’s Fiery Press Briefing

  1. Hi Lance, I learned of your ministry recently on an Andrew Wommack broadcast and have been following you ever since. My comment is on the apathetic state of the Christian church in the USA. I think that a significant factor is this is the widespread acceptance of dispensational, pre-tribulation rapture view of eschatology expressed in such medium as the “Left Behind” series. This whole belief system lends itself to the idea that all goes bad in America, darkness closes in, and Christians hide in fear of losing their heads. No reason to fight it, it’s in the Bible … or is it? This view of eschatology was not held for most of Christian church history and is a fairly modern invention. George Eldon Ladd holds a very different view that has very interesting points, the primary one being found Eph 2:14-16. “His purpose was to create in himself one new humanity out of the two, thus making peace, 16 and in one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross, by which he put to death their hostility.” There are no longer two, but one in God’s eyes. God now sees all who have received Christ as “true Israel” and inheritors of the promises. If you apply OT prophecies in this light, being fulfilled of “true Israel” everything changes. Maybe the USA is now the primary residence of “true Israel”. The gospel of the kingdom is that the leaven of the gospel leaves the whole lump and that does not sound like hiding in fear to me. Fuel for thought.

  2. I went to website to sign petition and leave a comment, but a banner popped up and stated my comment was blocked by Go Daddy. I didn’t know what to do and I don’t know if my name got counted on the petition. This was very disappointing. I came to your website to let you know comments are being blocked and maybe signatures as well. So thankful for your ministry!
    Blessed Beyond Measure,
    Darlene Seguin

  3. Do you ever read or respond to comments? Ever? Understandably you are on a roll. Maybe hire someone to direct comments and feedback.

    This was a great video. But what must we do? Break it down into practical terms and steps. Everything is always overarching Pentecostal terms. What can I as a believer do today? I don’t want to go through this time in ignorance, neither do I want to sit by as my country falls into turmoil. However, apart from praying, what else can I do? That would be more helpful, otherwise these broadcasts are nothing more than additional hype that vanishes as soon as the broadcast is over.

    Please! Be practical! Give precise guidance.


    • Ben, I get the same way you do. But as Lance stated we were five. This president and we need to fight for him. This was the second affirmation from God, as I have prayed to keep the fire in my belly at bay and direction of anguish to myself. But listening to Eric Metaxas stating the same exact words that Lance did In Less than 12 hours meant confirmation. Fighting, not physical, and not just In Prayer but with your whole heart and being – post prayer for president, engage in posting or speaking greatly without shame about him. I ignore the negative and go with positive, I will not deny God wants action from us Christians and he wants it now!!! No passiveness or anger, just confidence that we are working here on Earth for God and to thank him and acknowledge what he has done and is doing for us! Hope that helps!!


  5. President Trump,
    I like so many Americans spend months praying who we should vote for and the word from the Lord was that we were to vote for you so I did..

    God is never wrong. Please be encouraged that there are do many people praying and standing with you.

    We don’t have a platform for all to see, but please know that you are loved, appreciated and prayed for.

    May the Lord continue to give you boldness, insight and strength to lead America for such a time as this. God hads elected you and he will be with you rest assure.

  6. The so called ‘left’ is hoping to utterly destroy us through a pandemic. It is time to move forward and perhaps time to demand that Pelosi stop her nonsense. Now she wants to ‘investigate’ Trump’s response to the virus?! It is a total coup attempt and they haven’t stopped yet. We all must stand up and demand that she stop the nonsense! Enough.

  7. You are doing great. You remind me of that old Jewish comedian. Thanks for the updates as to what God is doing. In January God said He was shaking the church like a cloth with debris on it that it begins at the house of God. That the faithful would emerge strong and His refreshing would wash over us.
    Blessings. Any plans for Northern Virginia when this thing is over?