Leviathan and the Twisting of Words Media Battle | Lance Rewind

Here's a video from the Lance Learning training archive!

I want to talk to you today about the nature of spiritual warfare and what's happening in the United States. You know, Daniel, when he prayed for the emergence of Cyrus, he engaged a realm of spiritual warfare that involve angelic powers and principalities. There's a great deal of revelation in the Bible about spiritual warfare. But there's one particular spirit that I believe the Lord is showing us. It's manifesting in this period of history.

What you're seeing now, particularly in media is the strife and confusion that is predictable when you're seeing the manifestation of Leviathan.


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12 thoughts on “Leviathan and the Twisting of Words Media Battle | Lance Rewind

  1. We have really been helped by your teachings and posts.
    Love the news updates. You are helping us wade through the false news and helping with discernment.
    How do we subscribe. I did not see a connection on this page.
    Thank you and blessings to you and your wife.
    The Tucker’s Dick and Doreen

  2. As God is revealing hidden truths of His word and pulling apart the lies satan has used in scripture and as He prepares the remnant without spot or blemish by calling them back to His first commandment to give their ALL and remove any weaknesses/wrong attitudes and calls for them to know the weaknesses and strengths of themselves and their brothers and sisters and knit together to prepare to rebuild the wall, Leviathan is ready to attack, hell-bent on preventing this unity of God’s chosen ones. God is faithful because this time we will enforce the victory and change the way church is done!
    So appreciate your insight and wisdom Lance. PS. Have you heard the national anthem of New Zealand, it is mighty powerful. ????????God of nations…..

  3. please please Lance, i have been trying to get in touch with you for 4 months now. i have emailed, called . i know of a rising Cyrus for such a time as this. if you do not reply, i will give up

    anne/ siang