My Appearance On Life With Lori

I flew to Missouri this week to be with Jim and Lori Bakker to do some television recording with them. While there, I had this fun interview I did with Lori on her show, Life With Lori. She shared her enthusiasm with me how she and Jim went through my Unlocking Your Story course together. Lori made some fascinating discoveries about her life through the course.

Lori shares some of the details with me as we walk through the Personal History chart. This chart showed the high and low points that took place in her life. Some believe that having all “high” points in life is what they need. But consider this, that in all great symphonies, great music, and in great stories, all of them have “range.” It is in the valleys where the depth and the richness of life, lie.

I believe as you listen to this interview that pieces of your own story will begin to come to mind.

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