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One thought on “Let’s Talk About The New Crazy…

  1. I saw you on Jim Bakker show and found your comments interesting so I thought I would check you out. I listened to your “Let’s talk about the new Crazy” and all I can say is you disappoint me with your divisive rhetoric where the people on the Left of the political spectrum are concerned. Are there some wackos on the left, of course there are. Probably just as many as there are on the Right. Nor do I think God is a Republican. I believe God roots for everyone regardless of political affiliation. That God is far more concerned with a person’s heart than with their politics. In short, I believe it is hubris to think that God would take sides between extremists on either side of the spectrum. God is first and foremost a god of love. A welcome home god of reunion. Mother Nature rains on good and wicked alike for God is not willing that any should perish. Fact is, I believe that the more a person looks at appearances the less they listen to their own heart, let alone the voice of the Spirit. My God is a god of love. The God of Love. So much so that the Apostle John stated “God is Love!” Even the estranged Samaritans were loved by Jesus. Even the Sinners were loved by Jesus. Even his enemies were loved.

    I recently had a person tell me that he didn’t believe in God because his mother died. I told him we all have times of doubt but that I had found a tether that never failed me. That even if I stumble and begin to question my mental image of God I remain standing with a single thought. God is Love. Even when tempted to give up on the reality of a personal God, I don’t give up on personal Love. I don’t give up on the essential nature of God. God is eternal Love. As a result I can forsake my notions of that which is but a religious idea about what God is or is not by not giving up on Love. For me Love proves the existence of God. A true man or woman of God is a man or woman of Love. No exceptions. Not that I expect perfection from any human being. Most especially myself. Sometimes I don’t love. But as soon as I come to my born again self God always says “Welcome Home!”

    Neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party is going to save us from our fallen natures. Extremist political operatives no matter where they fall on the spectrum have forsaken Love. For them the only thing that matters is which Party wins. I have good news. Ultimately, God wins. Godly people win. Godly Republicans as well as Godly Democrats. Godly Independents too. Godly people of every race, ethnicity, and religion. There are Godly people from all walks of life. But, when a godly person finds themselves united with a pit of vipers their godly duty is to wipe their feet and leave. As the end times of the World System continue to disintegrate Love will separate itself from Hate. If it does not, it is no longer godly love. At the end of the day the only one’s left standing will be those that have prostrated themselves to the will of love. Love does not force itself upon anyone. Nor does love belong to any one tribe. God is revealed to one person at a time. The spirit listeth where it willeth.