1011127_10151710688419936_2070162592_nMIDNIGHT MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN TO YOU – DON’T QUIT! Fight the good fight. It’s a fight of faith…a battle of beliefs. The devil casts one vote against you, God casts one vote for you, and you cast the deciding vote! Vote in favor of yourself – because that’s the side God is on.

God will finish what He has started. Never give up or give in because the business or relationship didn’t work out. And never stop because someone else disappointed or betrayed your expectations. Or worse yet, don’t ever judge yourself as disqualified because of something you did. God can never be disillusioned by you…..because He has no illusions about you in the first place. (smile) Jesus told the disciples as a group and Peter in particular that they would all bend in the wind of the upcoming tempest. He never doubted they would win in the end, because He chose them from the beginning…..as he chose you.

The purpose of pain is always to bring about a greater good. Believe that. Every adversity works in you a greater quality of something…it’s up to you to determine what that “something” is. It may be a greater depth of humility combined with a discovery of invincibility….”if God be for me what principality or human can succeed against me?”

He who began a good work in you WILL finish it! Your Father in heaven gets more glory and satisfaction out of seeing you beat the devil than He could ever get out of seeing the devil beat you. It just make’s sense that when you are at your absolute worst, supernatural mercy and grace raises you from the ash heap and sets you among princes….which is what you are destined for anyway.

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