Midnight Hour Report – The Ford / Kavanaugh Hearing

What happened today…Senator Grassley was a bit too accommodating with Dr. Ford. “Would you like a foot massage? Perhaps a cappuccino?” And the Republicans? Not one questioned the obvious gaps and contradictions. “You don’t know who drove you home and nobody asked where you went but you’re sure you know it was this guy… 35 yrs ago?”

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9 thoughts on “Midnight Hour Report – The Ford / Kavanaugh Hearing

  1. How can I send a encouraging comment to Judge Kavanaugh? He needs to know that there are more that are for him than there are against him? WE HAVE GOT to stand up against this onslaught of insanity these people are going mad in my personal opinion.
    Its like when they killed Steven in the book of Acts. I am praying!
    Please how do I send encouragement? He and his family need to hear from us.

  2. This morning, Saturday Sept. 29, 2018, I received a DOWNLOAD FROM HEAVEN.

    Dr. Christine Ford is in extreme dangers from her “handlers”.

    “They” plan to kill her and say she was despondent about the Senate hearings IF the Kavanaugh confirmation seems imminent.

    “They” are banking on the Republicans NOT confirming Kavanaugh if she committed suicide.

    We must bind that spirit of murder and death and deny it’s power over this woman.

    Please alert all who pray if you consider this warning credible.

    Jean Brown

  3. Lance, God Bless your work and your message. I have been following a deep call (and suffering much as you might expect with a deep calling – sound familiar?) around Heaven’s Design for governing God’s authority here on earth. After 10+ years, it is time for these God-given insights and solutions to be applied to all 7 mountains of culture. I would like to partner with you to find ways to re-align institutions on all 7 mountains to be in “right relationship” to steward God’s authority – following the way Jesus stewarded His authority from the Father (I call it Trinitarian Governance). Then, God can heal our land in ways only God can do (2 Chronicles 7:14) I read recently that “the only way of reforming the Church is to suffer for her. The only way of reforming the visible Church is to suffer for the invisible Church”. If this resonates with you, let’s talk about a “Kingdom Coalition”. May God Bless and heal our land.

  4. Lance, unfortunately, you are right on. Again.

    The night before Kavanaugh “defended himself,” I was drawn into travail for hours. This must have been the period of time when he was preparing his comments.

    I had been called to step aside and devote my time in its entirety to the resolution of the judge’s appointment, so critical to our nation’s future.

    I have prayed through and fasted for the Judge and the senators …. am still praying.

    Was assaulted myself, during this period of time while fasting and praying; I broke free but had very serious injuries as a result. This occurred in Falls Church on my street at night during a recent rain.

    Notwithstanding have continued to speak out the Word, to fast and to pray, concerning this whole situation.

    Looking forward to seeing you and your wife in Washington when you arrive.

  5. Christine Ford specializes in “Research Psychologist, has a PhD in Psychology, co-authored over 50 scientific publications”, tutored a friend on how to pass a Polygraph Test, and lied about all. Why should she not be jailed for perjury as other lesser known people would have been. It’s very hard to distinguish between well educated, well known personalities and how they fair with our justice system; why isn’t the same punishments afforded to all without discrimination? Such as Madonna’s saying that she had thought about ways to blow up the White House. A lesser known name would have been jailed immediately. Our jails are filled with those having smoked pot, while those who commit perjury, and even murder, are set free. Appreciate your thoughts on various subjects including Leviathan. I’m sure you’ve read Thomas Hobbes Leviathan.

  6. I have to disagree a bit with you on the Arizona attorney. She actually pointed out several discrepancies in her testimonies. She was very subttle about it but listen to her. She poi ts the discrepencies out but continues to make her feel “comftable” while she pointed them out. I thought she didnt a pretty good job. Anyone paying attention would have seen her being uncomfortable. Or maybe i was just discerning it. She wasnt a bulldog but she was methodical I thought.

  7. When God got you no devil in hell can win. Why did they hire someone that was fumbling the ball. I have a better lawyer than her!!! Frightening how they allowed an FBI investigation with one piece of true evidence. Sorry but the white woman thought that that was all she needed to be is white. Me too just got shot in the foot. In Jesus name. You men better grow up and stop ministering to women without your wife. Now.

  8. I think what absolutely “need’s” to Stay in the forefront of our minds is, “George Sorros” and his 187 “Company’s” (underground government-3 miles from the Whitehouse too!), these “Company’s” are full, of hired people, who are working 24/7, to come up with ways to “Delay, Delay, Delay” and “Obscure” and “Completely” UNDO our votes for President Trump! Because in my opinion, this Sicko, “Proclaimed satanist”, billionaire, was running our country Before! Not obama. (Obama was his best friend the whole time) And this underground government, is “Paying” Lots n Lots n lots of people to mess up everything that has to do with God in this Country! We need, Especially the President! We need to “Stop” being upset, and Start Expecting this All in advance because it’s Not going to Stop! George Sorros needs to be thrown out of our Country! Putin kicked him out when he did those P*** hat rallies, and tried to overtake Russia, and believe me, there was definitely some spy stuff and some dead bodies going on over that one! Then; he came here. He got involved with obama. He’s got to go!!! It would All end if he and his sons and these “organizations” were gone. God bless you.