I Want To Be Wrong About This Brett Kavanaugh Attack

I don’t feel good about this Kavanaugh attack and where it’s going. Ann Coulter is right, “the only gang rape is what’s happening to Brett Kavanaugh.” I pray I’m wrong. I want to be wrong. You notice I’ve been silent. I made this broadcast when most of you are asleep. I sense this good man is going to be rejected. Unless he summons a Clarence Thomas moment where he turns the tables on this proceeding he will not prevail and this political waterboarding will destroy one of the most decent candidates on the bench. Where does he go to get his reputation back? Where do his daughters go? His wife?

Ironically, if he is rejected you will watch these fake defenders of women savage Trumps next candidate, – a female. But that woman, Amy Coney Barrett, will be assaulted not over fake sex allegations. Her FAITH is going to be attacked. Her honor towards her husband will be mocked. But she will succeed in the end. And how will the failed Kavanaugh vote impact Republicans in the midterms? Sure, some folks will want to quit the Republican Party but this exhibition of Leftist hate will backfire in November.

It will set the right on fire. They will hold the Senate.

AND if I am mistaken I will sing “I Am Pretty” from West Side Story.

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5 thoughts on “I Want To Be Wrong About This Brett Kavanaugh Attack

  1. I appreciate your honest assessment of the situation.
    Although the left does not value Truth–and have no problem lying and manipulating their stories in the news, God promises that whatever seeds anybody sows, they will reap. May the Truth about what they ae doing come out at the perfect time so that it will have maximum impact. Our God has an agenda–to reach as many people with His amazing love as He can. This will impact our nation more than anything else.

  2. When I was praying about the Brett Kavanaugh situation a few days ago I felt very concerned too. The Lord led me to read II Chronicles 20. This was Gods answer to me. Read it. Maybe it will be Gods answer to you too.

  3. You are a mighty General in the Prophetic. Thank you for your boldness and courage to speak out the oracle’s of God as they come with integrity and truth.

    They may not be what we want or expect but they are what we need in times of darkness and trouble.

    May father God continue to bless and guide you and your loved ones and keep you all the days of your life. In Jesus name. Amen.

    I never knew what I was experiencing was from God. People labeled me as Scarry and Crazy. I lost every thing and everyone I ever loved … when I finally understood what to do I began to pray and my family, my Brother his family and my Daughter are the only ones left on our large family.

    The enemy is real and so are his attacks. I’m going through something similar as to this case you are speaking about… I think it’s a spirit operating world wide in positions of authority…. not only in USA.

    The soft kind gentleman in my case has walked away from this attack and conflict and has been helping me from behind the scenes. I believe the attack on me is more about my faith and what God is doing in and through me.

    Keep up the good work. You are a mighty blessing.

    Forever grateful,