LIES from the LEFT that are so bad they are almost LAUGHABLE!!!

207E972400000578-0-image-a-2_1446835012869LIES from the LEFT that are so bad they are almost LAUGHABLE!!!

Here we are again- the 7m world- Education, Media and Government are the trifecta from hell to keep an eye on when it comes to publishing pseudo scientific studies (funded by the Left) that shape public perception (distributed by the media echo chamber owned by the Left) and show up in very dumb public policy (Progressives in Government).

Remember when you grew up and they had the food pyramid? Milk and eggs and cheese and bread were all part of the governments research on a healthy diet. Now in hindsight we realize that the government was trying to kill us with cholesterol and blocked arteries. They meant well, but when academics do research and get tied into politics BEWARE! A whole new socialist food pyramid is coming out in Americas schools and thru social media. I’m not talking about eggs and cheese I’m talking about these whacko studies!

The fact that Americas Universities are disproportionately dominated by Liberals is now a statistical fact. Academia has been bought off and works, along with media as an unofficial political action committee (PAC) supporting Leftist propaganda. When a scientist challenges global warming data they are threatened with exile to academic Siberia and defunding. Same with any study that challenges the left. Add suspicious cities of origin (like Chicago) to suspicious academic studies (like this) and you have a perfect piece of propaganda for the echo chamber of left leaning media outlets.

Here’s the facts!

When it comes to giving – Evangelicals and orthodox Catholics are especially prominent. Scholar and Sociologist James Hunter put it clearly. “Even today, they outnumber their liberal counterparts in Protestantism and Catholicism and the vitality of their piety and their institutions is extraordinary. Take charitable giving, for example. The conservative members of these faiths are not wealthier than their more liberal counterparts (quite the opposite, in fact) but they are far and away more generous—the majority giving over 8 percent of their income away every year and almost half giving 10 percent or more every year. It is remarkable.”

That’s right! 300,000 churches in America are funded by families who do not make as much, on the average, as their self seeking spiritual counterpart- the secular unbeliever. The children have all heard teaching about offerings and in some way or another have seen their family model sacrificial giving. You ever wonder what’s been keeping America from economic judgment? It’s the people of God. When Abraham interceded for Sodom he was told “for the sake of 10 righteous people I will spare the city.” God has a remnant in America- and they give more, care more, and tremble more then their smug and superior counterpart in the agnostic liberal left.

Even the communists in China know this. I attended a forum in Beijing in 2012 where they reviewed the data that communities of faith (code language for house churches that gather) are on the whole more generous and given to acts of benevolence and philanthropy than the practitioners of Tao, Buddhism or any other school of spirituality that is disconnected from the teaching of Christ and giving as a community discipline.

The ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) is the holy grail of financial accountability for ministries. It represents groups that provide food, medical care, education, adoption services, orphan care, post-prison assistance, substance abuse help and other critical services at home and abroad. In aggregate, the more than 600 evangelical ministries represented in the ECFA provide more than $9.2 BILLION in relief assistance. This wasn’t money spent on social issues about same sex marriage or abortion- just flat out philanthropy. THATS- 9.2 BILLION!

Rob Schwarzwalder, senior vice president of the Family Research Council says: “That’s not even considering the countless hours that Christian churches and ministries devote to helping the poor and the needy, nor the private actions of individual Christians. From clothing closets and food distribution to driving the elderly to medical appointments and caring for abused women in their private homes, believers nationwide, animated by their faith, are bearing both public and deeply personal witness to the love of the Savior they profess.”

The data is irrefutable: The conservative members of faith communities are NOT wealthier than their more liberal counterparts (quite the opposite, in fact) but they are FAR AND AWAY MORE GENEROUS. BOTH THEY AND THEIR CHILDREN!

Let’s do a REAL study and compare the children of folks involved with this research study with the children of families who attend churches like I am talking about.

BEWARE of all the so called “studies” you see from Liberal Professors funded by Progressive organizations that belittle faith, Christians, and the sincerity of Christians. These studies are funded and bought off.

Its open season on conservatives and people of faith but never underestimate the number of believers there are in America or their power to turn things around. Our power as a mass of people is simply marginalized and minimized because of our disconnection from the gates of influence in Academia, Media and Politics. We simply have not understood the mechanisms of discipling nations as well as the Left. Let’s get some white papers and real research done and punish our findings more aggressively.

What do you say?


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