12193749_10153744212704936_612034808903130007_nHURRY AND LOOK UP!!!!
Luke 21:28: “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh [KJV].”

Heaven is coming to a theater near you. When you see things happening, adjust your focus from the trauma of what the news media is talking about and see the cause behind the trauma.

It is the invasion of the kingdom of darkness. Heaven is right now invading earth and Satan is now manifesting like never before because he’s never been this threatened, which goes to the definition of leadership.

The number one definition of leadership and the primary responsibility for leadership to remember for the last days is this: to find and promote the EMPOWERING meaning in current events for God’s people.

It’s not to record the trauma. Instead find the meaning in the trauma that empowers.

This, my friends, is why as things continue to happen in the earth – we know Heaven is succeeding in its invasion.


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7 thoughts on “HURRY AND LOOK UP!!!!

  1. Have long believed what you have been talking about of God’s favor in the business world. It is refreshing to hear someone else comment with spiritual insight into this area. God’s favor is an interesting activity that keeps us thinking and enjoying our relationship with Him.

  2. What was that Kingdom Principles curriculum for Secular Arena’s that you were mentioning on the Periscope this week? We may find that a good tool to use in our Recovery ministry here in Guam as we disciple folks, even in the Prison system here.

  3. Hello again from Guam. Our son Ethan is in critical condition at the hospital right now. He was hit by truck in a hit and run there in DC a few hours ago. The bleeding doesn’t want to stop, due to low platelet count. He has a badly fractured hip and broken leg. We appreciate prayers for a miraculous speedy healing. Thanks!!!

    • Father, in the name of Jesus, we know you are right there with your child. You are our healer, our deliverer. Flood your child with healing, strength and peace that passes all understanding. Be glorified. Amen!

    • We call down peace, endurance, wisdom, healing, strength, courage, and a future full of testimony of what God has done in this place and time for this family. That in the scope of this calamity and problem, that the provision has already been made manifest.

  4. I just watched Lance’s teaching “Dynamics of a Change Agent.” Putting that together with the nightly “Periscope” evening gathering, I believe it is time to begin to gather the “killer sheep” into local sheep pens. I know, myself, that I operate in both the warrior anointing (defensive mode) and the Bridal anointing (purity mode). I am a “killer sheep” looking for a sheep pen to impact the nation and the world from. I do not cary to statesman anointing, so therefore, I need some statesmen and women, some ambassadors anointing, to work with. I live in the Seattle/Tacoma area and would like to form a group of killer sheep who are operating in the “AS ONE” capacity: we are all different, and that is the beauty of it all…..we each carry a part, and together we are a whole. Together we bring God’s SHALOM to the nation and the world. We cannot continue to be fragmented but must put God’s beautiful building of living stones together because we cannot build His Temple and fulfill our Great Commission unless we do. Lance, the Lord took me to 11 Chronicles 5:11-14 this morning, telling me THIS is what Lance is doing. It says in 5:13, “It was, as the trumpeters and singers were AS ONE (emphasis mine), to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the LORD and when they lifted up their voice with with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the LORD saying, For He is good: For His loving kindness endures forever! The House was filled with a cloud, the House of the LORD, so the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud, for the Glory of the LORD had filled the House of God.” I am copying from “The One New Man” version here. Revelation 15:8 speaks of this in the NOW! God’s people need to rise above the petty, self focus and get with HIS program AS ONE! God says that if we will keep our eyes on (what HE is saying and doing) HIM, He will take care of our everyday lives (families and “the small stuff”). Basically, we need to die to self (life) and get on with the business of the Kingdom. Jesus is capable of taking care of our earthly requirements: we need to let HIM. Now, let’s stay in HIS Presence and get to work AS ONE!!! Let’s get locally organized and light some MAJOR Fires of revival in our own backyards, which will eventually grow into a bonfire that covers America and then LEAPS across the Oceans to the entire world. Let’s DO THIS! Come ON people of GOD: AS ONE!!

  5. Let’s STOP doing same old, same old, business as usual. If we are approaching what Lance is doing from the old, dead wineskin, saturated with powerless religion, Lance is wasting his time! Let’s catch his fire and start to move OUT! If not now, when? Thank YOU Lance for leading the way!