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7 thoughts on “Interview With Dr. Ed Silvoso

  1. This interview was by far the best I have ever seen Lance!! I purchased the book on my kindle after watching this interview. I was so excited, I felt my spirit connected so strongly with this truth. I want to know more! I want to be a part of this. This has been my prayer for the last few years and then I see this clip was a suggestion on my YouTube account!! This needs to get out to everyone that will watch this and read this book ekklesia! I feel and see hope!!!

  2. Where two or three … we make a difference. I think of the 2 or 3 that pray for healing, salvations, wisdom and we are making a huge difference. We can bind and release! Sometimes I feel powerless because it’s just 2 or 3 praying when in fact we are Eklesia!

  3. Absolutely blew my mind to hear others with the same download from God concerning the Church…and being the Church where we live, work and play! Yes and amen and I did indeed forward this broadcast to key people in my realm of influence. There are many of us common and ordinary Christ followers that LOVE His Church and LOVE His Kingdom and the kingdoms HE WILL HEAL!!! Thanks for the encouragement to keep moving…