If the devil can’t stop you – he’ll join you.

998335_10151702673859936_925502917_nIt happens like this. After a long season of resistance you finally break out. You start growing…there’s a demand for you, your ideas, your product, your speaking and now for the first time the problem is created by success. Where do you go when you have multiple invitations? Simply put, success breeds opportunities. And opportunities are of two types – good and bad. Saying “no” to an opportunity that does not relate to your mission is not easy- but it is necessary. By hiring the wrong employee or getting involved with the wrong alliance or committing yourself to the wrong project you waste time and money and progress. Be careful who you add to your team, beware what crazy idea comes at you. Keep your mission clear and if the initiative does not fit or expand your mission…move on. If the person is not absolutely needed and a good fit…don’t hire.
The devil will join you with the wrong advice, wrong people, wrong projects…all costly and time consuming. Be aware that favor is a “shininess” factor that attracts all kinds of people who have plans for your life. Keep you head clear. Not all opportunities come from heaven. Stick to your mission.And when in doubt. pray with your spouse about any commitment you have doubts about.

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