1052459_10151699981399936_1392381482_oThe number one lie of the enemy:
#1. YOU ARE NOT READY YET! Do not listen to this voice.
Remember – if it’s the truth that sets you free its a lie that holds you captive. The lie you must overcome is that you need more preparation, money, time, experience, confirmation. Look at the business graph I attached. The dotted line is your track and the solid line is the opportunity. 1. At first you sense an opportunity. Your spirit get’s a glimpse of something.
2. The moment arrives where you need to take action, see what works and what does not work and make adjustments.
3. You are over thinking, waiting to be certain, looking for confirmation. Over analysis has led to uncertainty and the state of uncertainty opens the door to confusion as you entertain too many voices and ideas.
4. Failing to take action you come down into a wait and see position and watch for the moment to step into action…and miss the window.
What you needed to do was assess the situation and the opportunity and TAKE ACTION: run a pilot, test your assumptions, get in the game, take some sort of action and adapt and increase engagement! You will never feel fully ready because where you are going is always larger than where you have been.Learn this – GOD REWARDS RISK MORE THAN CAUTION! The parable Jesus taught about the talents is often misunderstood. The servant who feared making a mistake was punished and the servant who was aggressive about increasing market share for the Master was rewarded. Faith involves risk. BEWARE the confusion that breeds uncertainty when the time comes to ACT!


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