11083925_10153202064499936_2590134071143984795_oGOD'S VOICE WILL TAKE YOU TO THE TOP OF YOUR MOUNTAIN.

There is much theology about the Word of God, but less is taught about the VOICE of God.

Exodus 19:20 “The Lord CALLED Moses TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, and Moses went up.”

Like Moses it was the voice of the Lord calling John up higher that caught him up into the throne room. (Revelation 4:1) And that voice brought John, like Moses, to the top of a high MOUNTAIN where he saw God's plan (Revelation 21:10).

The voice takes you to the top of your mountain of destiny. The VOICE is what causes the last days shaking of hell and earth (Hebrew 12:26). Those who hear me teach on the 7 Mountains need to hear this clear message about the MOUNTAINS and the VOICE!

His VOICE has a sound and it's a sound that breaks the barriers in your life to pieces.

May you hear the voice…and become one with the voice, for as you keep climbing your mountain you are qualifying to BECOME the voice.

Sounds presumptuous I know, but when God called a young Prophet named Jeremiah He said: “Behold, I have put MY WORDS IN YOUR MOUTH. I have appointed you this day over nations and kingdoms to pluck up, break down, OVERTHROW, to BUILD and to PLANT!” (Jeremiah 1:9)

According to Joel 2:11 this voice will lead in His Last Day's army, amidst a Last Day's outpouring and in spite of a Last Day's persecution and shaking of nations!

God is raising up new leaders and GENERALS for a new conflict! In the midst of a Babel of voices, “The Lord utters His Voice…” Where?… “before His army.”

In the Bible, the Voice of authority leads from the front. (Revelation 19:14)

Heaven is qualifying you to be His voice! The Lord returns with an Army of Kings and a Bride. The VOICE of the Lord, the OVERCOMER, is a perfect blend of WARRIOR, LOVER and STATESMAN.

His voice is speaking now…”Today if you hear His VOICE harden not your hearts.” (Hebrew 4:7)

LISTEN my friend…God is calling you up your mountain now. You have not missed your opportunity for greatness. This is the time to break out of whatever is embarrassing your progress.

When Jesus began His ministry, “He went up on the mountain and called to Himself those He wanted to be with Him” that He might send them before His face everywhere he was about to visit with His power! (Mark 3:13)

Heaven is qualifying a new company to be consecrated as HIS SPOKESMAN. LISTEN to the voice, come up higher – move toward the voice, PAY THE PRICE to BE HIS VOICE! Angels are set to hearken unto the VOICE of HIS WORD in YOUR MOUTH!

Make sense?

– Lance



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  1. Lance this is very encouraging. Thank you for faithfully posting these words. Nice to know we aren’t alone with all these dreams.

  2. We love and appreciate you Lance. Thank you for this on time word of instruction. I’m listening and I am going up higher. I shall fulfill my God given destiny in the name of Jesus Christ!

  3. Hearing the audible voice of God is my prayer. His voice of His Spirit leads and guides me. Is this the same as His Audible voice and His presence? I believe so.