DOES GOD ALWAYS GET HIS WAY? This post may surprise you!

10855100_10153195328429936_4896897658755227836_oDOES GOD ALWAYS GET HIS WAY?
This post may surprise you!

“For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior; WHO WILL HAVE ALL MEN TO BE SAVED and to come unto the knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim. 2:3-4).

“The Lord is not slack concerning his promise…NOT WILLING THAT ANY MAN SHOULD PERISH, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Pet. 3:9).

There you are. These two verses are very clear. God does not want ANY to perish. God wants ALL men to be saved.

Now the question…Are all saved?

The answer is – No. “For narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it” (Matthew 7:14).

Here comes a statement that I don’t feel comfortable with. It offends my religious programming – but it’s true. Here it is – “GOD DOES NOT ALWAYS GET HIS WAY.” It is the only logical way to sort out the facts.

In the end, God works all things to together conform to His ultimate will. Christ is victorious and heaven will have the full quote of redeemed humanity making up its ranks. A new age in Christ’s glorious kingdom will indeed be inaugurated.

HOWEVER…this is in spite of the fact that all along the way God’s will is resisted, contradicted and outright defied. Flesh thwarts, devils hinder and ignorance thrusts at humanity right up until the final hour. This explains the consistency and persistence of Christ in His prayer life. He prayed because it was necessary for Him to pray so that the will of the Father prevailed. Here is a fresh insight into prayer. Prayer is not, as commonly taught, an exercise that we do because of its influence on us. Christ did not need long hours in secret in order to keep Himself under the influence of the Father. At the age of 13 He was already self motivated and inclined to “be about my Fathers business.” Prayer for Christ as for us is an activity that brings our being into alignment with heaven and at the same time authorizes and legislates heaven to intervene and overrule in the affairs surrounding us on earth. Prayer pushes against and demonic, carnal and circumstantial hinderances that are working against us to block the will of God from being manifest in our life.

Let’s engage in prayer with a fresh realization that Gods will requires vigilant agreement on our part. He wants His will to be done in our life and in our nation. If we agree with God and press into greater agreement alignment and agreement with each other we will increase the degree of success we will see. Find those who will press in with you so that His will is indeed done on earth in the sphere of your jurisdiction and assignment.

God does not always get His way – but where He DOES get His way, it is because there are people who are vigilant to press forward in the spirit, praying as if their prayers are the tipping point in the battle of heaven being manifest on earth. Passivity is not an option.

– Lance


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5 thoughts on “DOES GOD ALWAYS GET HIS WAY? This post may surprise you!

  1. This is why it is so important in developing a prayer life of commanding the morning, noonday, evening & the night, upholding all things by the word of His power.( Hebr 1:3).

    • Excellent read!Thanks for the shared insight,it’s encouraging to hear how God is moving!
      In Him,PeteM<See Exodus 19:4-6 / Rev2:10,5:10 &14:6-8

  2. Hi Lance
    I understand your point, yet feel it’s not about God having His way.
    He is well aware of the choices of the people so this is no suprise, nor is it a reflection of God not getting His way; He is bigger than that, as I’m sure you agree.
    God’s motivations, actions & thinking (if you can even call it that), are so far outside of our ability to conceive, that attempting to ‘term’ His actions/outcomes is impossible.
    What I have come to know is that God really is more sovereign than we think and He moves as He wishes; not so moved & controlled by ‘us’, as many modern day preachers would have us think. (Modern thinking has destroyed correct biblical thinking in that space).
    The scriptures you have referred to are referencing Gods Will for ALL yes, yet also reflect His knowledge of the future – which is not a statement of His failure.
    It’s reality and unfortunate fact when it comes to ‘yet people still perish’.

    God loved us first.
    God saw us first.
    God called us first.
    He is in control.

    Bless You Brother Lance.


  3. God is sovereign, God is in control, but God is not controlling. We have free will to reject Him and deny that we were created for His image.

  4. When it comes to illness and horrible crimes committed against one another, do you believe that this too is also another example of God not getting His way? Some Evangelicals believe that God may not cause those things, but He gives the enemy permission to carry them out based on what they think the book of Job is telling us. They will argue that God uses these atrocities as a means to grow us in some way or teach us.